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"Attitude is Everything". ~2011 Diva Principle

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Class of 2009

Family and friends have gone, I'm sitting her in my living room enjoying the peace, warmth and quiet of my home. I love my home, I have this porch and window setting that overlooks the entire Ohio and Wheeling Area. (most of it anyway. I love it!

Sean's day was today. I was so proud to see him walk across the stage and receive his diploma. Boy, how time flyes. It just seems like I was walking him up to day care having Ms. Margo at King's Daughters tend to watching him while I went to work. That seems like only yesterday, for real.

Today really shuts a door of the past and opens a new door of great possisiblities. I'm proud of him tonight. As I watched him sitting waiting for his name to be called and biting on those nails. (yep, bad habit he has when nervous) But, I thought about all the obstacles that was thrown at him and how he is learning to overcome.

He had a great year his Senior Year and I pray his years ahead only get better and better. I tell him, keep God in your lyfe and he will direct your path.

I'm very proud of him. Can't you tell! :)

He is a people person and a strong leader, very deterimined at will, persistant, dedicated to the work he wants to do. He is an overcomer.

I look back at all the negative circumstances and mistakes made and I see A man that turned off the negative sensor and pushed.

Now, he opens his doors up to college. Muskinghum, I believe is a good fit for him and I pray he gets he learns from teachers, professors, classmates and people he comes in contact.

Tonight, I am thankful. I am grateful. I am proud. I am happy. I am convinced that life holds purpose for him, I pray God keeps him one step ahead.

Tonight and every night, I am a mother who loves her sons!

Make sure you come on July 26th Wheeling Football Stadium and watch "Sean" respresent for OHIO!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tomorrow sparks the new beginning of my grand-daughters lyfe. She is graduating from pre-school and she is sooo excited.

She called me today, and just the sound of her voice makes me smile with joy. She is my heart and brings so much love and laughter to my home.

As I watch her grow into a beautiful girl, I'm speaking over her lyfe and into existance. I speak LOVE, JOY, HEALTH, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, KNOWLEDGE, CREATIVITY, STRENGTH, COURAGE, PEACE and everything GOD wants her to be.

I'm proud of her today and as always NANNA wanted to give her a shout out!!!

GO Sierra, Nanna loves you mama!!!!!

"Hope" on a "Tightrope"

When times are the toughest....that is the time to turn away from fear.

The three pillars of spirituality are:


Yet it is "COURAGE" that enables all three...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"MotorPsycho Mama" Series II

What’s this phenomenon? What causes seemingly normal women to turn psycho? Is it genetics? Is it hereditary? Or, are they a product of their environment?
There are many theories on the causes of these psychotic outbreaks. If you ask any woman she will most certainly blame it on the man. Perhaps there is more truth to that than we realize.
One possible explanation is the Penile Infatuation Theory, which states that the male penis can induce a chemical imbalance in the female brain, thus resulting in irrational behaviors.

Think about this: Have you ever noticed that most women seem perfectly normal until you give them the d**k? You can take a woman who seems perfect in every way, fuck her six ways from Sunday, and the next thing you know you have a psycho bitch on your hands! It happens all the time.

Psycho Mama
At the top of the psycho-scale, you have what is known as the Raging Psycho Bitch.
This one is very easy to identify. They can snap almost instantly. They hold nothing back and make no attempt to hide their psychotic motives. Raging psycho bitches are often known for violent outbursts and stalking. These types of women can be very dangerous. The good thing is that you can usually see them coming a mile away.

Next down on the scale you have the Sneaky Psycho Bitch. This is probably the most dangerous of all psycho bitches. This breed is every bit as ruthless as the raging psycho bitch, but much more cunning. They keep their psycho-ness hidden from you and are very sneaky and secretive about their motives.. She secretly checks up on you night and day. She makes you believe you are at the bottom of her "I dont Care about you List", while watching your every move. She's a secretive silent stalker.

Next is the Dormant Psycho Bitch. This breed appears to be harmless, because they don’t go psycho until a later date. This woman has secret plans for you in the back of her head. She will often act like the perfect woman just to lure you in, then without warning she completely changes. We call this the “bait and switch.” Marriage is a very common tool used by this type of psycho bitch. Once you’re trapped, she reveals her true identity.

Next there is the Fair Weather Psycho Bitch. These are generally harmless creatures. They very rarely do anything psycho. They usually trust you without ever questioning your actions and may seem like the perfect and trusting woman. But she has spurts of psycho-ness which are usually triggered by her self talk and outside influence. They will silently go psycho and smile at the same time.

Last, there is the Not-at-all Psycho Bitch. This woman is perfect in every way and has no major emotional issues at all. It is believed that the not-at-all psycho bitch is nothing more than a myth. Few have ever seen one. They are about as common as Bigfoot sightings.

Most women can easily fit into one or more of these categories. Some cases are very mild, while others are extreme. Even the most stable of women can easily lose it.
Bottom line, get to know one another and don’t play games with feelings and emotions. All women like to be respected, valued and appreciated.

I think what happens is a man may only want the booty while the women feels he wants her and after the sex is over; the woman has given her pearls to a swine that only wanted booty. After that, the man avoids, ignores and devalues the woman by playing the I won’t call her game.

This certainly does provoke a woman and I think this is where the psycho mama gets a little crazy.

Brothas should spend more quality time getting to know the woman. Women before giving up the booty, we need to be certain the brotha isn't a playa just after your booty.

Once you give it up, you have given him all power to run all over you. Make sure he is worth it and that he will stick around for a while.

When I get a man, I know he will respect me as a woman and I will treat him as my King. Men are psychos too. I’m learning that just by selling phones and making test calls.

I've been in at least one of these categories several times and I learned alot about myself.

My message to women would be the next time around, just make sure he's in it for you and not the booty.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Savour Lyfe as you would a "latte", one drop at a time. One of the things I enjoy, is my first cup of coffee in the morning. It's almost as good as an orgasm, if not better!

I'm learning a little philosophy. My philosophy that i'm learning is that we should do our best and just laugh at the rest. Learning how to keep things in perspective and having a sense of humor makes for a better easier lyfe.

Here's a little story, I want to share.

A couple invited over family and friends for dinner. They were all around the table and ready to bless the food.

The dad asked his 6 year old daughter to bless the food. The little girl said, but daddy, I don't know what to say.

The dad coaxed her some more. "Just say what you've heard mommy say".

The little girl began:
Dear Lord, why did I invite all these damn people here for dinner?

I loved this, cute funny prayer/story.


A friend of mine, gave some encouraging words. The encouraging words, were, "Do You".

And, As I think about that statement, Just "DO YOU". That statement makes me think about how we are all created with purpose. God Created you to be you.

Can you for one moment, imagine the heavens? Just imagine how the heavens grew silent and how God's heart swelled with joy when you were born!

God is certainly crazy about you.

He hoovered over the womb and watched intently as you made your way into the world, kicking and screaming and adjusting to air. He designed you to be you.

He knew your beginning and he cerainly knows your end. He knew the family that would shape you into being the marvelous you.

And yes, he even knew the struggles you would have to go through to be you. You are marvelous in his site. A work in progress, so keep on and just Do You.

Just DO YOU.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A dude's freak-o-meter

I've noticed that men aren't great in expressing themselves and unbeknown to us; the dude is probably looking at us thinking: What have I gotten myself into?

W T F is this?There are some things he can manage to deal with...and others that are guaranteed to push him over the edge.

What freaks a guy out?
1. When a women moves too fast
2. When you're gross
3. When you call or text too much
4. When you reveal weird sexual turn ons
5. When we're jealous
6. When we try to be sneaky
7. When we're downright crazy
8. When you call his family looking for him (this was funny)
9. When you show up unannounced
10. When you bake him sweets and knit him sweaters

"a little freaked"
He catches you picking: your nose
You tell him he looks like: Jason Segal
He discovers you lied about: being single
All your exes are: never discussed
Your idea of getting kinky involves: playful spanking

"fairly freaked"
He catches you picking: wedding dresses
You tell him he looks like: An old boyfriend
He discovers you lied about: how old you are
All your exes are: Professional atheletes
Your idea of getting kinky involves: lingere made of rubber

He catches you picking: his nose
You tell him he looks like: your grandpa naked
He discovers you lied about: being a woman
All your exes are: In the witness protection program
Your idea of getting kinky involves: Livestock

I read this in a magazine and thought it was funny.....I think some of this has some truth to it.
Add to it as you see fit, too me guys are just weird. We try and do our best to make them happy and all they want is to be left alone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lyfe Saving Habits

Body & Soul

Each decade of your lyfe brings with it unique health concerns. Here are some deadly dangers to watch for and how to avoid them. I was reading this article and thought I would share.

20's - Steer clear of Sexually transmitted Infections (STI's)
Black Women between ages 20-24 have the 2nd highest rates of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
Black Women between ages 25-29 were 3rd
and the Syphilis rate is at its highest for ALL women.
If you don't practice abstinence, use condoms each and every time you have sex.

30's - Steer clear of HIV/AIDS
64% of american women living with AIDS are black.
HIV/ADIS is the leading cause of death for Black women ages 30 to 34
Get tested and your partner his status and remember "A man/woman can look healthy, very attractive, very sexy and still be HIV positive"

40's - Steer clear of Heart Disease
2nd leading cause of death for Black Women in their 40's is heart attacks. It starts silently when we're young and progress if we don't keep a watch

50's - Steer clear of Cancer
It's the word no one wants to utter. The top killer in the realm of death tolls.
Catch breast cancer early take advantage of the detection methods.
monthly self-exams
clinical breast exams by your gyn and
yearly mammorgrams

outsmart colon cancer
avoid lung cancer - 87% of cigarette smoking causes long cancer death.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Excuse Me But, You got to go....my lyfe is waiting

The other night while I was out, I overheard a conversation....yep, I was dipping all in this couples shit!!! sorry, but couldn't help.


They were talking about Laws of Attraction and my lightbulb went off. I thought about a comment on my past post when the statement was made that: who you are is who comes into your life. paraphrased. Then it got me thinking about the past training I attended for selling skills. It was called the Psychology of Selling.

I know you all are probably thinking what the hell laws of attraction got to do with selling. It's ok, I was thinking the same damn thing. I was mesmerized within my first hour into the training.

I want to share a little of what was passed on to me with you:

There's this magnetic energy attached to our thoughts, and that thought is propelled by our emotions. We are literally walking magnets, constantly pulling back into our world anything that just happens to be playing on the same frequency or wavelength. Huh, I had to think about that..So, what that means is: If I'm walking around feeling miserable, you mean I'm going to attract miserable people? Exactly!!

Here's what happens, our emotions are sending out high frequency vibrations that will magnetize only what matches we're sending out. Like attracts like.

We are creating our own stress and craziness or our own laughter and joy. Ummm, that one took me back and made me realize a few things. If I'm stressed and worried about making my quota for the month. Guess what, I'm going to attract stressed out customers who probably won't buy because they will be worried about paying the bill. It's a chain reaction that ultimately cause things to happen, to be created, to be withheld, or to be destroyed (like my big/little commissions at the end of month).

So, the way I think and feel will attract the same.

Here recently, I've been attracting some real bad krap into my environment and I'm not too happy about seeing this ugly head popping and rearing up at me. Some of it is trying to attach itself to me. It's got to go and it's got to go tonight. So, Officially, I am going to face this ugly demon head on. Yes, I said demon and it has a name. We will call it "stress and craziness". It has attached itself to me and it's got to go! No more going through this krap. That's for the birds. I'm going to pull back my resources sail on! I have to remember:

1. The way I feel is the way I attract.
2. Learn to over-ride the negative waves

stay tune for steps in over-riding those negative waves!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'd much rather be a BABYSITTER then a NURSE

Recently, I've been hearing alot of hype about women over 40 who date younger men. I've learned that these types of women are called COUGAR'S. This name became real popular after the reality show series entitled "COUGARS". “The Real Cougar Woman is smart, stylish, graceful, independent, proud to be over 40 and – yes – she is sexy,” “She knows what she wants and how to get it. It’s not about the ring on her finger. It’s all about attitude.”

I get an enjoyment when I'm hanging out of playing this game called Kiss the Frog or Prince. Its a fun game, one of those nickle video/slot games. But, it always reminds me of how sick I am of FROGS. I want a damn prince. I know he exist, I get him everytime on the game.

After learning about this new show and the name cougar. I be damn, I had to face myself ya'll. I had to accept the fact, that hey, I'm a cougar and I have been for many years. Almost like AA or NA first comes the acknowlegement. Then, the acceptance to say; My name is Stella and I'm a COUGAR. lol

At first, I felt like, damn am I just an old women bedding or looking to bed someone young enough to be my son? or am I robbing the cradle? What's wrong with me? Then, I just took a dive right into the heart of why? Oh yeah, I dove right into it; bikini and all.

I think, for me, I'm young at heart and I get along best with a man younger. When I'm out and about, I attract younger men and it's evitable that I'm attracted to them. I like their style, their sense of openness and their willingness to do many things.

I believe, a woman's sense of style, her personality and her self confidence draws the younger man. MY last encounter was with a younger man and on the surface, it really appeared that we had nothing in common. I've learned that it takes quality time and communication to go beyond the surface stuff and get deeper to appreciate what both have in common and what differnces we bring.

I find that younger men are very open minded and that's what draws me to them. I think for the most part, A younger man is learning himself so he brings alot of positive factors into a relationship including the best one: which is, their willingness to be sexually adventurous and I like that.

Boredom in the bedroom is just that; I've learned that younger men honestly approach sex as "whatever you want, baby...I'm here to please you and guess what? That makes for some good ass love making.

Certainly holds true that great sex is a big bonus, but its not always about the sex. And ladies, please avoid the pitfalls of dating younger men who only want you as a sugarmama to upgrade their lyfestyle. Get away from those guys.

I mean, sure, buy your man whatever he desires just make sure that's not all he wants from you. I love to do for my dude (when I had one)
And when I get one again, well, we will see.

Ladies, I've learned in order for a relationship to work; a man has to feel needed and he has to feel like a man. No matter what his age. So make him feel like a KING, let him help you.

Most people think that older women are just looking to have fun and like Stella, looking to get their groove back. Yes, that's true. At least for me, but I'm also looking for a lasting relationship.

To end, don't let age keep you from a lasting relationship and enjoying the great experience a younger man brings. Live your lyfe and have fun! Go cougaring....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A HOE is a HOE (series 1)

How do you know a hoe's a hoe?
Can you tell by her:
Size of booty
Size of breast
Religious Preference
# of children
# of sexual partners
Employment status
Social Status
Type of footwear

Do any of these things really help identify a hoe? So how do you know?

So, would you call me a hoe if:

A woman engages in UNPROTECTED sex with more than one man in any given week . . . or day.

A woman uses her p*ssy as leverage to get a man (or men) to do things he claims he would otherwise not do(buy her or give her anything)

If a woman is 25 and need two sets of both hands to keep track of the number of men she's been with.

If a woman can’t quite remember the names of every man she has slept with.

If a woman has sex with a man upon the initial meeting (f*ckin’ on the first date).

My man and I broke up, and I eventually had sex with his close friend, line brother, or family member.

A woman has at least 4 “cute buddies” on speed dial that she can call whenever

A woman knowingly has sex with a married or otherwise “involved” man.

What's crazy is that a man can have all these tendecies plus more and never be labled.

This a the 1st Series of the HOE POST. There's probably more to list.
For me, I'm a one man at a time kinda woman. Stella needs a man who will show her she's special to him. When a man doesn't give the the attention a woman requires, what's a girl to do? Does she join the HOE DOWN CLUB? lol

If I have failed to mention some known hoe tendencies, please share with .


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Is He?

Ladies, 10 Ten Places to meet Mr. New Cutie:

I was reading Essence magazine today and there is a nice article on Dating. In the Dating Guide, they list the Top 10 places to meet men this summer. Here it goes:

#1 Handyman Workshop - take a home improvement workshop
#2 Give back to your Community - plenty of single men volunteer within communities
#3 Little League Games - Check out the coach or the single dads
#4 Head to the Gym - get your workout on!
#5 Step into the STRIP CLUB -
#6 Join a Political Campaign
#7 Witness a Wedding - most single guys who friends get hitched; might be ready
Embrace your inner Artist - visit your museum and if you see an attractive guy;
ask him the intrepetation of the exhibit.
#9 Attend Summer Festivals
#10 Bookstores

Supposely, these are the top 10 spots to find Mr. New Cutie. Don't know, guess its worth checking?

After a Long day of standing...Express Me

Now Nike need to stop with the seduction.

But,Shoooot! If it feels that damn good, I might have to go out and buy me a pair.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "E" Word


With the way the economy is today and people looking for work, I just thought I would mention some tips.

Be punctual
Dress to Impress

Take note of that handshake
A handshake is a physical interaction. A firm handshake -- in which you pump the hand once or twice with a secure, steady grip, then release -- conveys affability and openness, and can create an immediate feeling of comfort between two people.
Present a positive personal image
Speak well, make eye contact, sit up straight.
Annunciate, as well as animate, your language. An interviewer shouldn't have to ask you to repeat yourself, or wonder if they heard you right.
Look the interviewer in the eye. It's a trusting gesture.
Use engaging, non-threatening body language.
Use your interviewer's name, but in moderation.
Thank them "twice"
At the end of the interview, shake their hand and give a thank you for their time.
Send a short thank-you note. E-mail is acceptable/ Since this is a business communication, it shouldn't be handwritten.
3 definite "don'ts"
Don't get caught unprepared
Learning as much as you can about the company and about the position for which you're applying is a sign of respect.
Don't disparage past employers
If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything.
Don't lie... about anything

Just sharing information. I'm Curious to hear some of your tips.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fabulous Friends

Today is my off day, so I'm chilling in bed with my laptop. Of course, I could be doing better things...lol

I was thinking about "Friendship" how many of us have them. I'm not speaking about people you kick it with or you acquaintances or sleeping buddy.

I'm talking about the ones that are hard to find. Those ones that stay, that you can call at 4:00AM in the morning. Those ones that "know all about you, and like you anyway. Those ones that, "When you cry, they cry". Yeah, those ones. And, let me tell you; they are hard to come by.

I'm learning as I journey through this age thing, that the older you get; the deeper the gratitude in having "a real true friend."

Today, I could have lost one of my friends. I'm thankful God protected her and kept her safe.

I told her, God's not through with you yet!! Get busy enjoying the finer things in lyfe and following after your dreams.

I believe, we have no control of tomorrow for we never know what tomorrow brings. I'm starting to appreciate lyfe today and all it has to offer. I learned to appreciate where I've been and remember the lyfe I traveled. I personally, gained a new insight to the meaning of friend.

Are you one of those lucky ones, who can call on a friend or be a friend?
leaving you with a sense of reclaimed love and peace

All you single ladies

"Shane" has Beyounce down to the count, he doesn't miss a beat. I laugh everytime I watch this video. Shane went on and had a chance to meet Beyounce.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I truly miss this dude! He was way ahead of time and I heart him.

I'm a single mom who raised two males and I wanted to post this and dedicate this video to us.

For All the mothers who struggle raising males, who may have lost their son. This is for you.

Leaving you with a sense of reclaimed love and peace.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

seven steps

Written By Stacey Chillemi
Does the women in our society have to be toothpick thin? Do women really need face lifts or breast enlargements? Unfortunately, the society we live in make women think that they need to look and act a certain way in order to be accepted.

What’s most important is not what others think about you its how you feel about yourself. In order to feel good about ourselves, we need to accept ourselves. We must look at ourselves positively and realize that there is no such thing as a perfect person. There is no need to feel a sense of embarrassment because you may not fit society’s make believe dream woman.

Accepting our ourselves helps us grow mentally, physically and spiritually.
When we were young, we had people in our lives that help to mold us. They help us develop the strength, wisdom and knowledge we need to survive in this world. It is selfish and pure laziness to pity ourselves because you may not have that model figure. Sometimes, its hard, but we must learn to accept and love the you. You are not alone, many women feel unhappy with themselves.

To live with and accept yourself, you need to open your heart and listen to what it is telling you inside. Your heart will never lie to you because it only tells the truth. You must have the courage to ask your heart why you refuse to love yourself the way you are. Usually when we are unhappy with ourselves, it is because we are embarrassed about whatever we are trying to hide. Your body is not something you should be ashamed of having. You need to help yourself by accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are. This is the first step in order to heal yourself and feel good about you.

I have listed seven steps to help you learn to love and accept yourself.

STEP 1- accept yourself for who you are and learn to love yourself
STEP 2- understand yourself mentally, physically and spiritually
STEP 3- learn to control your mind, body and emotions
STEP 4- strengthen your inner self and make it apparent to others
STEP 5- begin changing what you do not like about yourself
STEP 6- notice the change in your self-esteem and self-confidence
STEP 7- have a tremendous amount of pride in yourself

Stop being lazy. This is the first step to healing and strengthening our souls and self-esteem. Be proud in who you are. Be thankful each morning that you can wake up and feel the warmth of the sun and the beauty that surrounds us all
Leaving you with a sense reclaimed love and peace!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about my future and this 21st Century. I've been sole searching and asking where do I want to be in 5 years. I know I want to be married by then and I want to be fulfilling my life long passion of community service and teaching.

Don't get it twisted; I'm happy with my life and position but I've become comfortable. I have A substantial income and a career that keeps me very busy, but you see its not my complete purpose or destination.

Let's face it, Often times we find ourselves staying in the familiar. How am I suppose to reach my destiny, if I don't see myself growing and moving on purpose. Here are a few things, that I joted down for myself to help me and thought I would share. Hey, add to it as you see fit.

Embrace a new attitude.
Face your fears head on.
Create your own change-to get something different we have to do something different.
Learn from lessons - know that whatever you go through is really to make you a stronger person
Stay Positive -
Keep the Faith - God will work it out in due season
Know your audience - people come and go; some hate, some love
Know you are a Star - we are playing out our life in front of people
Write your own happy ending

I don't know ya, these are just a few things I thought could help me live out a fulfilled passionate life. Embracing myself is the best remedy to knowing and loving self.

Leaving you with a sense of reclaimed Love and Peace.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Inspiration - We all need it

Hello All,

This is my first post. I'm a bit nervous writing and posting simply because, I have so many thoughts running through my mind and I just don't know where to begin.

My friend, he inspired me to begin this journey. He is very special and dear to my heart and I appreciate his hard dedication, commitment and inspiration that he shows to so many.

As I was thinking about my first blog, I thought it would be appropiate to start my first post with people that inspire and encourage me. These people are celebrities that over time really and truly given me inspiration. I can relate to these women because they have very similar experiences, struggles and many hurdled obstacles in which they trimpuh.

Through their songs and testimony they have kept me motivated to PUSH during times when I felt like giving up. I have glean from these women:

1. MJB (Mary J Blige) - Determination
2. Fantasia - Strength
3. Maya Angelou - Knowledge
4. Alicia Keys - Beauty
5. Queen Latifah -Sense of humor
6. Patti LaBelle - Passion
7. Michelle Obama - Wisdom and Grace
My list could probably continue, but I will stop here. Lets hear from you. Think about the people who motivate and inspire you, then tell us what you have gleaned from them.

Leaving you with a sense of reclaimed Love and Peace.