Diva's Weekly Principle:

"Attitude is Everything". ~2011 Diva Principle

Monday, June 29, 2009

Da Stanky Legg

Do Da Stanky Legg

This cracks me up! I think all 40 year olds have the same 2 step. He started out good. Even had the booty dew down. After 2 minutes of the STANKY LEG, I think he said hell I'm tired.

It's good to see a family having fun together!

This era I sware you got to be in shape to hang with the Ricky Bobby, Stanky Legg and the Booty Dew! Shit, it is a workout and that is no lie.

The gurls had Diane and I doing the Stanky Legg at the Jubilee dance over the weekend. Yep, doing the stanky leg and hitting the booty dew. Might not been able to drop it but I got that booty dew down.

And they thought, I couldn't hang. Fooled them!

Of course, they were laughing but we had fun.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soul of a Man

I heart this man. Not only does he look good enough to eat, hell he can sing his ass off. Something about his attitude, his swag, his dress, his looks, his melody and his ummmm that turns me on. He can sing to me anytime day or nite.

Watch the video, you'll feel me. And my song is "Point of It All". I would love to have my man singing this song in my ear or just playing it, while he ummm...!

I heart A. Hamilton almost as much as I use to heart TuPac. Damn, I miss TuPac!

Point of it all, say's it all...damn, he is fine. It say's it all

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JamaicanMe HaPpY!

Today has been one of the best days I've had in quite some tyme.

Newness filled the air soon as my feet hit the floor. Weather was super good. Met a friend for lunch and went swimming afterwards. Came home and sat on my porch basking in the fresh newness of the air.

I came home from the pool sat on my porch overlooking Ohio(it's an awesome view) and asked myself: what's so special about this day? To my suprise, nothing. Nothing at all.

Just a regular day but NEW me. NEW awareness of attitude. Boy, does it feel totally good!!

JamacianMe Happy realized that she is happy. Stella is happy being me and I may not have everything in lyfe that I want, but I damn sure is close! And, what I don't have I know it's on the way. I can feel it in the aire!!

You know, It really doesn't take much to be happy. All you need is a sense of awareness to lyfe. A sense of awareness of the little things that we take totally for granted. A sense of loving yourself enough with flaws and all. Thats all it takes.

I just Love being loved. It's a wonderful feeling and it Jamacianme Happy, quite happy.

Love yourself today and everyday and let's keep the JamaicanMe Happy feeling ALIVE.

Fashionable & Fabulous

Summertyme Must Haves


Long Dresses
Series of platform shoes
Anything studded
short mini dresses
gladitor sandles
one shoulder tops/dresses

Diva's always remember your fashion Etiquette, If it don't fit ya'll don't force it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Salute You

To my brothas, I’d like to salute you! Happy Fathers Day to all the great fathers working hard to see that their children are well-cared for.

I know it sucks not to get credit often as you should for a job well-done. Even though you don’t always get the acknowledgement you deserve, know that you are greatly LOVED and APPRECIATED!!


Friday, June 19, 2009



It's rainy and for those who truly know me, you know: There's something about the rain that makes me wanna scream!

I love the rain.

I got a phone call this morning, as I was laying here in my SuperGurlfriend bed and watching TV listening to the rain. I am I'm soooo excited.

I've been looking for "Private Lessons". Yep, you know how you like to take up a hobby or just enhance your already good skills to make them better. Well, I'm on my way to "private lessons". I found someone who will give me two 1 hour lessons per month. Loving it!!!

When you work a stressful job, we all need a hobby to relax us and take our mind off of day to day pressures of lyfe. I found my hobby and I can't wait.

It's great being a SuperGurlfriend, I always loved it. It's even better when you have a SuperMan that appreciates you. I can't wait. WonderWoman, aint got nothing on SuperGurl; not any more.

Just a Lesson learned though, I can't do it all and I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to do me and enjoy my hobby.

Lessons start Monday Nite.

And NO, I'm not sharing what my lessons are. It's "PRIVATE".

A Town Called Victimville

A few weeks ago, I woke up to these words "Cute and New". These words keep popping up in different segments. Today, one of my customers said "In order to get something new, sometimes you have to get rid of he old". ummm.

This is an amazing concept that I'm going to embrace. Listen up.

It seems, we need to recognize when we're living in a country called "Sad", and a town call Victimville on the street called Hurt Lane. Recognize, so we dont stay there long. Sometimes, we just got to Move.

I heard someone say, Build a bridge and get over it and move on!

In order to get out of Sad Country and leave the town of victimville and move off of hurt lane, you have to stop asking the question why?

Stop asking yourself or him/her (for that matter); why? So what, they were a liar; a cheater and stole your heart. So, what, you didn't get the job/promotion you felt you deserved? Stop asking, why?

Did you know that the question, Why, keeps you in the victim mode? I didn't. I never realized that until tonight.

So, Instead, ask yourself; what have you learned from the county, town, and street you lived on and move?

Girl, Move on and bounce back! There is newness waiting. Move to a new country, a new town and a new street.

You are a Survivor and always will be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Confess

Recently, I was given the deadline to have a "Women's Support Group" up and running within the fiscal year effective July. Now, I've had the group in the making for years. Honestly, had the plan; the name of the group; its mission and a few people that expressed interest in being a part of the birthing process.

Well, here we are and I'm nervous as hell. July is right around the corner and I'm getting the jitters.

I really and truly have a confession to make. I'm nervous as hell!

My mind is screaming, Stella: What have you done? My spirit was all for the birthing of this group, but now my mind runs and the rest of me hasn't caught up yet to what's happening. Scary damn feeling.

Like everything, I know I will get a lot of backlash once this group is announced and I hope it attracks the women who need it the most. I've been wrestling with myself and qualming over it all, it really is hitting home.

Am I ready? I hope so. Can I do it? All I can do, is give it my best. My best has to be good enough along with my lyfe experience. Talk about feeling exposed, damn. My lyfe is becoming an open book.

I'm sure I will grow and learn from this group as well. I've already begun the journey and I suppose there's no turning back now in my journey.

I needed to confess and get it off my chest.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laughter and Latte

My New BFF
Put a Little Ummph In It.
I'm not sure which is best ya, for I love them both! yum yum

Sunday, June 14, 2009


You know what pisses me off? The fact that it's Bikini Season and from the looks of things, fashion designers think that thick chics don't wear bikini's. Everything for the skinny little people.

Well I'm here to serve notice. Yes, we do!!

It's that time of year and I am sooo ready. I'm gonna wear my bikini and my whole piece with cuts out like Im a fashion model.

No more being ashamed cause of my curvy, thick bottom small top size. Im not dressing to hide flaws, nor am I going to feel bad about my thickness. Cellulite, get ready cause here I come. I got it and I'm gonna flaunt it. It's summertime, so move over and make room. The thick chic is a coming! lol

Karma Got My Back

I believe in Karma and I believe it represents ultimate justice as everyone will reap what they sow. Many times, I feel torn between lashing back. But guess what? I found a new true belief and that is "Karma Got My Back".

My Nail Technician is buddist. It's amazing the timing that she has entered into my lyfe. Her salon is very uplifting, serene and cozy. She has gone from manicuring my nails, to pedicure, to waxing my eyebrows and after brow waxing an ever so AMAZING soothing temple massage.

She has introduced me to many quotes, buddha customs, beliefs and spirituality. Not all do I believe in, but for the most part, I have received and kept more than I would throw away.

Karma Got My Back and I'm not even a bit worried.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wash Your Face!

This is my dude, my teacher. He is a man that knows how to get right to the soul of You. You don't even have to love religion or be spiritual to relate to his messages. His messages are teachings on lyfe skills. Love him!

I found this video and thought it was most appropriate. Once you strip and take off those out of date clothing. Make sure you wash your face!

Let the truth be told: Man this message hit home for me and slapped me dead in the face. Listen to the video.

Take It All Off

Yea baby, take it all off!
Chris Rock made a statement: All a man is ever saying is one thing. "Would you like some d**k? As he opens your doors, pulls out your chair, whatever, under his breath he's really saying, "would you like a little d**k with that?" I don't particularly believe that, but some men are that way.

Are you one who isn't afraid to look inside and see yourself? As a single woman/man, Do you find yourself getting involved in relationships and wearing a great deal of layers of clothing?

Wow, layers of mistrust, disbelief, anger, bitterness, unforgiving, resentment, unworthiness, etc. the layers just go on and on. I'm surprised some of us can even walk wearing all these clothes.

And damn, You been wearing them for so long; they are now outdated. Yes, they are. So out of style and outdated. But, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to strip them off. All off. Yes, I am. Ready to get G'd with newness.

Lets, just look for a moment at our clothes. Look at the statistics of young women today, how they're out here searching and doing almost anything just to be loved. Think about the high pregnancy of young girls all wanting and needing to get pregnant just to feel a sense of belonging and be loved. HIV running rapid, STD's at it's highest ever and Why?

The sad part, we go through men/women like we are thirsty for water. Just drinking having never been quenched of thirst. That ole cliche of Chris Rock saying, "do you want d**k with that?"

You know, I be damn if every time I get involved with a man, I find myself giving all of me and getting zero in return. I feel like, what the hell, Why do I keep giving so much and never learning from my errors or getting anything in return?

Then I realized, it's because I haven't stripped and taken off all those layers of negative, unwanted out of date clothes. I khow now, until I take if off, I will keep piling on the layers and wearing it like its still in style. lol

Well, clothes do go out of style. And Guess what? Yep, you got it. Off with the old and In with the new. I'm wearing a new style. G'd from the inside out.

Fun & Laughter

It doesn't matter what you look like. All that matters is that you are happy being you and if you're lucky at love; you have someone that completes you and makes you feel good. But first, you have to feel good about yourself.

Laugh at lyfe cause it sure nuff has its pitfalls that we stumble over. Definitely, keep a strong sense of humor and laugh at yourself from time to time. They say, laughter does your soul good. Bottom line, Know who you are and for me, I know that: "I'm all woman."

I'm sensual, provocative, adoring, loving, respectful, kind, wise and mature.

Yea, I said it. Take it off. Take off all those things that keep you bound. Those inner demons that's become your shirt or your skirt and that tell you:
You can't make it
You aren't worth it
low self esteem
Take it off and replace it with
I'm a survivor
I'm somebody
I'm special

Look inside and see the beauty, the love, the adoration of being who you are and believe in you
Strip yourself and take it all off. All those things that keep you bound.

Cause shorty you're a TEN, so strip!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Single Sista's Bedtime Prayer

Yep, I sure did. I saw this prayer in a book and thought it was cute. Hey, I'm a strong believer in prayer. I been told to pray specific and ask for what you want. So, I thought I would be a little detailed. lol

A Single Sistah’s Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man who will not creep.

One who’s handsome, smart and strong,
And able to admit when he is wrong.
One who thinks before he speaks
And doesn’t disappear for weeks.

I pray that he’s gainfully employed,
And won’t clam up when he’s annoyed.
Please send me a man who’ll open my door,
Pull out my chair and want to do more.

Send me a man who’ll make love to my mind,
But who knows what to do when he hits it from behind.

One who’ll make love till my body’s twitching,
And bring ME a sandwich too, when he comes
back from the kitchen!

I pray that this man will love me to no end,
And will not try to sleep with my best girlfriend.

I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name,
Oh, and by the way Lord, deliver me from weak

Thank You in advance and now I’ll just wait,
For I know You’ll send him before it’s too

But, Jesus: can you send him overnight special delivery; please?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Triple Threat

HOME GURL in2 Books
My girlfriend just had her first book signing in Cleveland. Some of you might know her, Regina Crawford aka GStyl. She's on her way to big tymes and I'm proud of her.

I ordered her book on Amazon.com for 9.95 plus shipping. She is sending me her poetry CDs to listen.

It's really good to see people doing GREAT things, its even better when you know them. I love to see it, hear about it and support it. If you can, Buy her book. Here is the books description:

Can love endure kidnapping, torture, undercover assignments? Indigo and Jade are cousins, and Ebony is their childhood friend. Indigo and Jade own their own computer consulting firm, and Ebony runs a youth center. Kyle, Keith and Kendrick are cousins, and Kyle and Keith are members of the Dallas police force while Kendrick is a former FBI agent turned youth counselor. The women are drop dead gorgeous and the men look like fantasies come to life. The six of them meet at a night club, and sparks begin to fly instantly. All three love affairs blaze out of control until all three men must go undercover to capture the top brass of a ring of criminals. Will these three couples be able to move past the kidnapping, torture, and secrets to find the love of a lifetime?

Look for GStyl. She will be coming to Wheeling real soon for a poetry/booksigning nite.

amBITCHous (Series III)

So you call me a Bitch, huh?

When is it ok to call a woman a Bitch?

I personally hate the word. I equate it with the N-word.

Honestly, I think its time we do a turn around. My friend, he blogs a post and calls it Schedule 1 word". Which he says are words that has no positive or medicinal purposes; and he feels these words should be banned. That's his opinion and he is entitled, but I personally hate his schedule 1 words. lol
And no, we aren't doing anything like that.

But,I do want to Rob the word "Bitch" of its power.


I'm about to rob the word of its power. Far too many years, this word has been used to tear women down.

My perspective on this is that words only have power over you in the context you read into them. Meaning: If I'm the type of woman that stands up for herself and take the initive to get things done but later find that I'm labeled as a BITCH, I'd want to have the strength and insight to baffle the person calling me a bitch and say; "Thank you for that amazing compliment."

Look at all the years, this such a word has been flung at women and its always been meant to hurt us, but by taking this word and robbing its personal meaning, we women can turn it around on those who would verbally be attacking us.

You ask, how and I'm glad you ask?

Here's a little word play on the meaning:
A Bitch is:
a woman who is discriminating.
who respects herself, her time and her efforts.
She differentiate herself from being a doormat.
A women who speak her mind.
who has opinions and
don't shy away from expressing them.
who doesnt sit back and take everything dished her way.
A goe getter and Achiever

For me, a "bitch" describes all at once who we are when we speak up, what it is we're too worked up over to be quiet about, and you make yourself be heard. That's a real true mean bitch to me!

I think, If being an outspoken woman means being a bitch, or if it means not sitting around waiting for Mr. Cutie; then by all means that's what I am. If a man feels the need to call me a bitch; Well, I'm going to take that as a compliment, thank you very much. I'm going to look him dead on and say: The power in that word has been taken from you and I transformed it to say: I'M too amBITCHous for you!

Think about it, wouldn't it be great if women could ignore what our culture thinks and the labels that are constantly thrown on us. We are labled far worse then men.

Again, I personally hate the word bitch. But, if I'm going to be called one; it will be for standing up for myself.

Don't you agree, shouldnt we rob the word of it's power over us?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

o' what a feelin

just breathe - sweet breath

Most of us work very stressful jobs and if we don't get a grip on how to deal with stress, we will find ourselves sinking down in the pit of stress and craziness.

My position as a sales consultant wreaks havoc of stress. I work on commission base plus salary and every month my target quota has to hit. Some months are better than others, but I'm always faced with numbers, goals, planning and target. I be damn, soon as I get close to my target and get a chance to relax and breathe, here comes another months target. It's a never ending repeated cycle, month after month.

I personally needed to learn how to deal with this type of stress or either get another career. Because really, I get called Cunts, colored woman, bitch, and to top it off customers will at times throw there damn phone down on the counter like it's my fault they broke their phone. Oh yea, I look at them like they have lost their everlasting mind and then just suck it up and deal. (sometimes)I'm able to tell them off in a nice way. lol


I took up some yoga classes. Yep, sure did. I love it. Although, I don't get a chance to go too often, but I did purchase a nice DVD/CD and use at home. Plus, I'm learning laws of attraction. It is powerful and so true. Well, ok. enough babbling, I just wanted to share this breathing technique with you. Here it is:

One of the best ways to get your mind in sync with your body is to breathe. That's right. Breathing is the link between mind, body and soul. It's a technique that sends oxygen to your brain and organs and flushes out toxic carbon dioxide. How bout that?

This special breathing technique is called: prah-nah-yah-mah (pramayama) and it is a special type of breathing that centers and refreshes your mind and body. Try it. It can help you focus when your feeling anxious, stressed or blah.

Give it a try the next time you feel this way. Take some moments off alone to yourself and just breathe. No one has to know what you are doing, so you can try it Anywhere.

O' what a feeling. Just Breathe sweet breath!

Monday, June 1, 2009


"The BabyMamaDrama"
defined as: when a woman gives her baby daddy pure hell, beggin for money, saying he cant see his kids, calling when she need somethin', wont work, if she does work she think the father should pay for all the kids expenses. She is always startin drama, and just ghetto to the bone.

Now, before I even begin. I'm a single mom too and have/had a dead beat BabyDaddy, so I know a little about justified BMD and unjustified BMD. Let me clarify a few things: If your baby daddy doesnt pay child support, isn't active in your childs lyfe, the child doesn't go to visit daddy for the weekend; then you may bring on the drama. But only then.

In a world that seems so overwhelming, it is unjustifiable drama when you have a BabyDaddy who's paying their child support, spending time with their child and helping to raise their kids.
Better yet, some dad's are present in thier childs lfye and are busy helping, supporting, teaching, mentoring and still recieving a bad rap from the mama's. Give me a break and give them one too.

BM...Enough of the baby mama drama. Dad's have rights too!

At some point, enough should be enough and all this bickering, complaining and selfishness needs to end. Shouldn't it? BabyMama (a.k.a.: "BM") they really know how to push your buttons. Every last one of them. And they seem to like nothing more than to see you lose your cool and argue.

Isn't it suppose to be about the child and the focus on the child's welfare? Shouldn't the BM be content knowing the guy is supporting and actively involved in the child's lyfe? He pays the medical insurance, bi-weekly support, attends any school functions, etc. But hec, when the child gets sick and has to go to Emergency Room, you would think BM would call. Wouldn't you? No, that's too much to ask of the BM.

Don't get me wrong, I know that dead beat dad's are the main reason for most of this drama. But, BM's get real. You have dad's who are totally responsible for taking care of their kids and yet you give them no credit.

Why is it so hard to give the BabyDaddy his just do RESPECT?