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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Triple Threat

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My girlfriend just had her first book signing in Cleveland. Some of you might know her, Regina Crawford aka GStyl. She's on her way to big tymes and I'm proud of her.

I ordered her book on Amazon.com for 9.95 plus shipping. She is sending me her poetry CDs to listen.

It's really good to see people doing GREAT things, its even better when you know them. I love to see it, hear about it and support it. If you can, Buy her book. Here is the books description:

Can love endure kidnapping, torture, undercover assignments? Indigo and Jade are cousins, and Ebony is their childhood friend. Indigo and Jade own their own computer consulting firm, and Ebony runs a youth center. Kyle, Keith and Kendrick are cousins, and Kyle and Keith are members of the Dallas police force while Kendrick is a former FBI agent turned youth counselor. The women are drop dead gorgeous and the men look like fantasies come to life. The six of them meet at a night club, and sparks begin to fly instantly. All three love affairs blaze out of control until all three men must go undercover to capture the top brass of a ring of criminals. Will these three couples be able to move past the kidnapping, torture, and secrets to find the love of a lifetime?

Look for GStyl. She will be coming to Wheeling real soon for a poetry/booksigning nite.


James said...

Yea don't know her but from the review seems like a woman's type book. Ma when she comes to small town Wheeling, I would support her.