Diva's Weekly Principle:

"Attitude is Everything". ~2011 Diva Principle

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chewing through the Restraints

Have you ever felt like you keep knulling, nippling and chewing at something but getting nowhere? You try and do everything you can to stay upbeat, hopeful, confident and positive and yet you still land in the toliet. What's a girl suppose to do?

Today like many other days, I just feel like I can't win for losing. We had a conference call about our year over year numbers and targets. Needless to say for a year now, I've been TOP 5 in the Region of WV/PA/OH, but as a whole we are down with our yearly quota.

Numbers and selling that's the name of the game and here recently I'm beginning to feel more and more pressure coming from the big wigs. Newer and better phones/iPads are launching and all they want us to do is sell sell sell.

These past couple of months, even though I'm finishing in top 5 its been a real struggle. Yes, finishing in the top says alot, but it also brings on a great deal of pressure and stress.

This month has been horrible and we are all trying our darnest to make quotas. This month just feels like an ongoing quest to free myself from the tranny of quotas, circumstances and targets.

The big wigs, I don't know if they live in the same world as me or not; I wanna tell them hey: get your fucking head out of numbers and take a look around. We are in recession got damn it, people aren't buying or spending like they us to!!!!

At our store, We all are working and busting ass and needless to say, they still wanna keep pulling more from us. We can't give what isn't available. People don't even come to the mall anymore.

I give up chewing through all these restraints to hit a quota! I ask, what's a girl suppost to do?

Sometimes you just get tierd of chewing.