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Sunday, March 27, 2011

"F" Word

A New Take On The “F” Word

Humor: A New Take On The “F” Word Written by Oretha Winston on March 24, 2011

Laughter , it’s said, is the best medicine. And there’s lots of evidence that laughter does lots of good things for us. It reduces pain and allows us to tolerate discomfort. It reduces blood sugar levels, increasing glucose tolerance in diabetics and nondiabetics alike. It improves your job performance, especially if your work depends on creativity and solving complex problems. Its role in intimate relationships is vastly underestimated and it really is the glue of good marriages. It synchronizes the brains of speaker and listener so that they are emotionally attuned.

Laughter establishes — or restores — a positive emotional climate and a sense of connection between two people, In fact, some researchers believe that the major function of laughter is to bring people together. And all the health benefits of laughter may simply result from the social support that laughter stimulates.Here is a funny take on the use of the “F’ word. Cee Lo Green would be proud.

We should all laugh every now and then.

Since my original plans fell through, I decided to take Plan B! Yep, I'm Headed to Cleveland and planning to stay a few extra days, its a must to have my friend take me to this church!!


Reggie said...

That's hilarious!!!!