Diva's Weekly Principle:

"Attitude is Everything". ~2011 Diva Principle

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gurl you know I~I~I

46 and still holding! Very Thankful today for seeing another year. I actually laid in my bed until 10:30am....So not me, but its my day!
Since I didn't wake up to any morning birthday sex, I thought I would watch my favorite video and imagine what its like. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

It's peaceful music like this that settles my soul. I tell you, it just seems like somehow-someway, when lyfe boggs me down amd Im feeling a little stress coming on; I always find peace, rescued solitude and relief in songs, poems and funny ass comedy.

This video right here, is my resting place, my reminder that everything won't complete itself in a day! This video right here, takes all the stress away!

I'm actually enjoying tonight. Having a peaceful evening and getting a little tipsy off drinking a glass of wine. Okay, maybe I'm getting a lot tipsy!

I dig this video and everything it represents! I hope you do to and remember,
"Rome Wasn't Built In a Day".

It's A New Season

I don't know about ya'll, but this season of lyfe I've been in sucked!! I'm so glad it's over. I'm shifting into a brand new season and It's a good one.

As we go through lyfe, our seasons change, just like the weather, nature and the four seasons that God created. Everybody isn't in the same season. My Winter maybe someone else's spring and vice versa. I think that's the way God intended it to be. Can you imagine everyone walking in the same season? That would be down right awful, dull, boring and pretty much suicidal.

Whelp, Just a quick update, I've been working long and hard on my upcoming workshop and I'm sure you can guess the title. You got it. "Seasons of Lyfe, What Season Are You In"? You see, its important to know and understand the different seasons pertaining to lyfe and its just as important to know where you are in lyfe. I've been in the season of "Winter".

My upcoming workshop will be next Sunday, Aug 29th and I really put my heart and a whole lot of hard work into trying to make it successful. If you ever hosted a workshop/seminar or any event you know exactly what I mean.

I found this song. It's amazing how God just puts people/places/things right in your path. This song is perfect its called "Its A New Season". Just to set the tone/atmosphere, I think I will play it on repeat as people enter.

Whelp, I will update you all later on how it went. Until then, "It's A New Season"!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's Really Going On?

Now love is love and it doesn't have a color, but here lately one and one don't add up to TWO. So I've been asking myself, "What's Really Going on"?

Is it me or do you also ask yourself these very same questions? Why is it that "Black Love" is so hard to find? Have black men been hurt one too many tymes by black women that they now resulted in devaluing black women? I've been contemplating writing a few posts about the topic and about why black men seem to dis black women and treat the white women like queens. I was just wondering, am I the only one questioning?

Whelp, I found this book and I must tell you; its a must read. It's called: The Conversation by Hill Harper. He is one of my favorite authors. Here is a page from one of his chapters that I want to share.

Do Black Women Feel Valued by Black Men? No, Black Women don't feel valued by black men. If you look at Asians, Hispanics or any other ethnic group, including Jews you will find one common thing and that is they were all taught never to talk bad against one another. Huh, I find that hard to believe; especially within the Hispanic Race. Interesting.

Guess What? When it comes to black men and women, you all ready know. If a black guy isn't dating a black woman he is going to say: I can't stand black women, they are always tripping over spilled milk and angry. And a black woman, well, she will say: I can't stand a black man, they are all liars and cheaters. This is the first thing that comes out of our mouths.

What's really going on? Our culture was bred to speak against and speak bad about one another. It just seems like the black men don't want to befriend us and open up to learn and grow together. Why is that? I believe this goes back to slavery and how they divided and conquered us.

Could we still have this slavery mentality? You know how, they would split us up from each other and I do think that's the root of it all. Black men weren't allowed to be with their families and the black women and children were separated.

Think about it, After slavery ended, we still struggled to maintain, to communicate and to love. We been pitted against one another and don't even know why. How many black families are together within your community? It has been an on going generational negative emotional dynamics passed down and as a result black love is almost non existent.

Even though we are educated, we still refuse to accept or even acknowledge that our unique history in this country has directly led to our negative present day conditions when it comes to "black love".

I just thought that was an interesting concept and it opened my eyes to a few things. It is making me dig deeper within to understand my struggles as a black women trying to remain faithful to "black love".

I would love any dialogue and thoughts about "What's Really Going On"? What do you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sex Style

What's your sex style?

Are you a passionate romances or are you as randy as a rabbit between the sheets?

How often do you and your partner have sex?

What's your usual sex position?

What classes as foreplay, or what turns you on, in your relationship?

Do you regularly orgasm?

Do you use sex toys or wear lingerie?

Do you have any fantasies?

Who makes the first move when it comes to having sex?

What does sex mean to you?

Whatever your style is, I sure hope both you and your partner pleases one another. Drinking wine tonite just made me ask myself some questions.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Big "R"

I'm up late tonight. Feeling a lot of different emotions. My main emotion I'm kinda feeling is the big "R", REJECTION.

Have you ever felt rejected? It's not a good feeling, especially when you're rejected by someone you love. How do you deal with rejection? Do you say, fuck you? Do you feel sad and walk around like its the end of the world?

I don't really know or have the answer to the big feeling of the big "R". I mean it makes u feel small, worthless, insecure and unwanted. Is that how he wanted me to feel?

Whelp, here I am on the eve of his big day; feeling the big "R". Im sure he has it all planned out because that's the kind of man he is, he has a vision.

I'm sure he is putting the final touches and gathering up all his thoughts, energy and creativty for his big day tomorrow.

I just wanted to be that women that stood beside him and watched his dream/his vision become reality. I just wanted to be that women that was proud to say, there goes my baby and smile at him while he impacts others lives.

Just feeling a little envious that I'm not that special woman standing by his side.

I pray for him. I pray always for him. And tonight, I pray that his event is successful. I'm proud of him and I'm smiling just imagining... in spite of.

I'm goning to be excited for him anyway and I wish him all the best on his big day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

40 & Over

In case you all were wondering, why I havent been posting as much, its because lately I've been a little busy and honestly, just doing me.

I got a 46th birthday coming up the end of the month and at first, I was beginning to feel a little sad. My mind started playing tricks on me saying things like, you're old and don't have a man and you're old and to get a man you have to compete. But Thank God for knocking some damn sense into me and giving me a mirror, I'm ok and I'm with who I am and I'm ok even If I never get a man (I hope I do though because I don't want to be alone, really who does?).

Here's a article I found that I wanted to share.

Women over 40 are hot
Article By: Lisa Daily, Lavalife Prime

Turning 40 is a shocker for a lot of women.

Well, crap, they think. I'm OLD. You're not. How in the world am I going to compete with some 26-year-old with perky boobs and no baggage? And it's not because you can't, it's because you don't need to. Yes, some men are looking for 26-year-olds. But those are not the men you want to date. Besides, squeezing yourself into a tube top and stilettos to go hang out at the local watering hole isn't going to fool anyone, right? At least not close up... or before midnight.

And that's OK.

It's time to think about the things that really make you attractive.

A woman over 40 is not looking for a man to define who she is.

You know who you are

A woman over 40 is not looking for a man to define who she is. Once you accept who you are, you can begin to like who you are, and that gets reflected in the way you carry yourself.

You have your own life

"Women over 40 are hot because we are comfortable in our skin and most of us are OK to be alone. When we are with someone it's not because we need to be, but because we want to be."

You're comfortable with sex

You've seen a few things

A woman with more life experience has an easier time putting things in perspective. You've likely known great joy as well as tragedy.
"Women over 40 have sustained a fair amount of life's disappointments and challenges. Over time, they learn to prioritize where things are a big deal and where they just don't really matter."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Yo'Self Anthem

I decided I'm gong to do this and if the world thinks I'm crazy, oh well.

Recently a friend of mind ask me to read poetry at the Steubenville African American Festival. He said, keep it clean and do you! hmm, he opened of some doors for my creation to take over. So, I thought I wanted to do a little skit and act out my poem.

Whelp, I saw this cute article in Essence Mag and my mind got to racing. Kudos to Christette Michele from writing this article!!! So, here it is:

The title will be "The Showstopping Shoestomping ENSEMBLE."

Divas are you with me? Im personally ready to grab hold of the spotlight and recite lyrics from each one of these songs. I have small segments from each song that flows sweet. Heres the Songs:

1. Im Every Woman ~ Chaka Khan
2. New Attitude ~ Patti LaBelle
3. RESPECT ~ Aretha Franklin
4. Just Fine ~ Mary J. Blige
5. I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor
6. Single Ladies ~ Beyounce
7. God in Me ~ Mary Mary
8. Golden ~ Jill Scott
9. Superwoman ~ Alicia Keys
10. Control ~ Janet Jackson

I think these songs truly help us as DIVAS to feel worthy of being a Solid Black Woman!

Just 4 Today

I was reading this book tonight and this passage stood out. It was almost like the words came alive and jumped out at me. I think it was exactly what I needed and I wanted to share it with you all. Here it goes:

Live Lyfe to its fullest right where you are. Dont think about tomorrow - God has your tomorrow covered!
Live your lyfe for today and as the day presents itself you will become peaceful, healthy and whole.
Increase your lyfe and don't decrease. Be truthful with yourself and stop sitting around counting the days and moments. Let God's plan unfold for you!!