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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Have you ever missed your opportunity or shall I say, missed the mark? I have, you see as I was growing up from elementary to Jr High; I always wanted to become a School Teacher. Yep, my entire being consisted of teaching. While others would play house, I would play school. I had chalkboard, books, school desk, bell ringer, playground. Yep, I said playground. I guess I was a bit nerdish. Anyway, I got into high school and let that dream slip by, I decided I wanted to go into Business Administration and this is where I received my degree. I missed the mark back then, but I always ended up teaching in a Sunday School Class or mentoring youth.

Round 3, here I go. Yes, I'm still in the ring!

About a month ago, I applied for a Sales Trainer position. I kinda was doing like most of us and listening to my negative self talk and almost talked myself out of applying. Can you believe that? I'm sure we all have done this from time to time.

Whelp, I waited till last minute and finally submitted my Resume. Yep, on the last day. I figured what the hell, what do I have to lose; afterall, all they can do is ignore the Resume. Right? Of course. As I submitted my Resume, my supervisior told me that over 100 people had applied. That shot me down right there, at least so I thought.

One week later, I received a phone call from Corporate Office in Cranberry, Pa asking to set up a phone interview for the position. Wow! I couldn't believe it, my Resume stood out among many. So, I had my phone interview and all went well. Matt, the Trainer Manager told me if I was selected there would be two more rounds.

Round Two - damn, I made it to Round 2. Again, I'm dismayed. Round 2 consisted of a round table question/answer under the STAR performance. Shit, they were shopting one question after another. They even asked me how did I like my new District Manager. Which by the way, he is smoking hot and black. I asked them, if that was some type of trick question. They laughed. Seriously, I think the biggest thing I had going for me, is that I am TOP Leader in our district for sales dollars. I'm not bragging, because honestly, my confidence level isnt that high.

You know, all through this process; I've been telling myself "I'm ok even if I don't get the position" and I truly am. I left the Round Two Interview feeling like, I'm happy I was even considered for a Round 2 Interview.

To my suprise, Corporate called agaim last week. Yes, and told me Merry Christmas, we want to set up a Round 3!! I made it all the way to Round 3. This roumd consist of Faciliating a Mock Training Dialoge using powerpoint and handouts. I will be give two days to prepare and my audience will be the Training Department. Wow, no worries right? Big time, butterflies in my stomach.

If I get this position, it will entail me travelling back to Cranberry, PA. My shift will consist of Mon-Fri 8am-5pm with weekends off. I will be travelling two weeks out of a month to Chicago, New York, PA, Ohio and West Virginia; this will be my training territory with Verizon Wireless. All travelling, airfares, hotels, meals will be paid for in advance by Verizon. The hotels let me add are the finest and luxuarious hotels around. Heck my kids are grown and as for me, I',m single, sassy & satisfied waiting to exhale again. So you know, this all sounds good to my ears.

My whole point is, if you missed the mark like me; there is still a way "to make it happen". Its a dream come true for me and maybe my time to fulfil the dream that I always wanted. But if I don't get it, I'm okay. I know I can "MAKE IT HAPPEN"!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Whiz Kid

This article will definetly be read to "We Are The Dream Club", especially when society (corporate america) tries to put a muzzle over the voices and talents of our African American Youth or when our youth simply don't want to put forth any effort with academics. This article will movtivate us to believe that, "Yes We Can".

At thirteen years of age, Stephen Stafford is causing quite a stir at Morehouse College. Stafford has a triple major in pre-med, math and computer science. Though he loves playing video games and playing his drum set, he is no typical teenager. He is exactly the kind of student I had in mind when I wrote the book, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College," because he shows the power of the black male mind when we put our energy into things that matter most. Over the 17-years I've spent teaching at the college level, I have never seen anything more impressive, nor more reflective of what black men represent.

Stafford began his college career at the age of 11, after being home-schooled by his mother. Stafford's mother said that when Stafford began to teach her instead of being taught by her, she knew he needed to be in a college environment. Since that time, he has excelled in his classes and continues to grow intellectually.

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Stephen Stafford, in my opinion, represents exactly what black men are about: Intelligence, ambition and high academic achievement. This is not to disrespect men in other walks of life, but the truth is that you will never see Stephen Stafford's accomplishments promoted like a rap music video.

We must, as a community, applaud and uphold this young man. We must cheer for him as if he averages 40 points a game. We should converse about his achievements as if he had released a platinum hip-hop album. He should get the same respect as every linebacker, point guard or hip-hop artist in America.

Corporate America will not blow Stephen's trumpet, but I will. I also want all the other Stephen Staffords to make themselves seen. There are hundreds of thousands of Stephen Staffords out there who've been convinced by a culture of thuggery that they should do their best to hide their greatness. Rather than acing math class, they've been taught to measure grams and kilos or to memorize football playbooks that are 100 pages thick. Our young men can analyze the triangle offense in basketball and break down a nickel defense, but then become mentally deficient when it comes to doing algebra, science and social studies. The time for mediocrity is over, since education is the key to making your dreams come true. Sports only creates more nightmares for most of the young men who sacrifice their education in order to be athletes (even those who become professionals). This doesn't mean that athletes don't deserve our respect; instead, it means that we've got to learn to separate the hype from reality.

The recipe for our kids is simple:

1) Spend as much time studying as you spend playing sports or working at fast food restaurant jobs. If a kid can work 8 hours for McDonalds, then he can study 4 hours a day in the library.

2) Don't let anyone convince you that you can't achieve whatever you put your mind to. No one has the right to define you or your child. Because my grades were horrible in high school, I was told that I wasn't smart enough to go to college and (like millions of black boys across America) recommended for special education. Later on, I became the only African American in the world to earn a PhD in Finance during the year 2002. I didn't earn the degree because I was brilliant. I actually earned it because I finally realized that I had the ability and determination to make my dream into a reality.

Just by studying 4 to 5 hours per day (less than the number of hours they would put in to working a minimum wage job), almost any child in America can get a college degree and become a doctor, lawyer or whatever they want. If George Bush can go to Harvard, then every kid in America can graduate from college if they choose to do so. I've taught college for 16 years, and I can tell you that the term "college material" needs to be abolished. Every child is college material if they want to be. That's the truth.

written by: Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition and author of the book, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College."

Dramatic Monlogue "From disgrace to Dignity"

The title alone got my attention. Can you imagaine moving from disgrace to dignity? What's even more rewarding is to know that this drama monlogue will be held right in our very own backyard. I dig promoting other peoples work. It's a part of who I am and what I enjoy about lyfe. It's good to see black people moving from one level to the next, having the power to express themselves freely. I love helping others in anyway that is healthly and legal. Anyhoo, I think this is going to be an excellent play and I'm sure I will be able to relate to some parts/forms of this monlogue.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love all types of comedy, skits, plays, documentaries, monologues, dance or singing and I'm very excited to say: I'm spending my New Year's Eve right here watching/listening to 5 short stories come to lyfe. Im sooo excited to go, some people might say how boring; but no not me...

I find this to be very entertaining and fun!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Envious Attitude

The DivaTude wanted to shed light, Stomp on the head of and yell stay down to an "Envious Attitude". No, "Envy", you are not welcome to dwell in this mind, body or soul! YOU MUST GO.

I've been dealing with a word and a feeling for a while now and I'm open-minded enough to discuss and share with you and the world.

For quite some time I've been feeling quite envious of what someone else has that I desire. It's been bothering me and at first I thought it was jealousy, but as I began to be honest with myself; I learned that I desired to have what someone else has and it wasn't being jealous over not having it. It was envious.

After much sole searching, crying, asking why, I finally had to come clean with myself: I realised it was envy that I was feeling. Yep, envy had reared its ugly ass head and tried to destroy my self esteem.

Let me ask you, Can you handle success? No, not your success but someone eles. Or better yet, can you handle falling in love. No, not you falling in love; but someone else. I'm sure everyone at some point and time have felt this type of discontentment or possibly resentment. I know I have and I confess and come true with my feelings.

What do you think causes this envious? and, why do we have to critize someone who has what we desire? I'm sure there are many reasons and I had to sole search and answer these questions for myself.

Whelp, if you ever start to feel a little envious of someone else's success or happiness wage a campaign against it and refuse to view it as your own personal failure.

I just think we need to be happy for others success and happiness. Maybe if we become the reflection of what we want, that reflection will come back on us.

Next time, when you feel the ugly head of envy trying to rear up, STOMP on its head and tell it to STAY DOWN~~

Because "that ugly head ENVY", it's not welcome to live, dwell or pass by this MIND~body~SOUL

Didn't Cha Know

I love the beat to this song and the words actually speak for itself. E. Badu is certainly one of a kind. The video itself draws strength, confidence and pride to us as a people of color to continue moving forward.

I kinda digged the video and wanted to share.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crank dat LUDAchrismas

I needed to unwind tonight. I'm feeling a little down and felt like watching Fred Claus again. Laughter is good for the soul. This tyme of year gets very hectic for us, but let's remember why we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I know this isn't spiritual but it does put you in that mood.

Vince Vaughn is hilarious.... I love his movies and Fred Claus is one of my ole tyme favorites....by the way, so is LUDA!! ENJOY the video!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Scott Sisters

In 1993, the two black women reportedly took part in an $11 robbery. No, that's not a typo. You read it correctly. $11.00.

This type of unjustice literally turns my stomach. Almost like the plot of Les Miserables. Every once in a while a criminal case brings to mind the plot of Les Miserables. In that story, a man is forced into a 20-year ordeal with the law simply for stealing bread. Well, the case of Mississippi sisters Jamie and Gladys Scott proves that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

The Scotts, who were 19 and 21 when the robbery occurred, have been incarcerated for 16 years. Meanwhile, three male acquaintances also convicted in the robbery are free after serving just a couple of years in prison. The men reportedly received lighter sentences in exchange for providing the prosecution with incriminating information against the Scotts. At the time of their arrest, conviction and sentencing, Gladys was 19 years old and pregnant with her second child; Jamie was a 22-year-old with three young children. Their children are being raised by Jamie and Gladys’ mother, Elaine Rasco. Despite having to move to Florida due to years of emotional stress, Ms. Rasco remains active in fighting for her daughters’ freedom.

The state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have refused to hear the Scotts’ appeals. Since being in prison, Jamie has developed almost complete kidney failure due to poor diet and inhumane prison medical care. She is receiving irregular dialysis treatments and has gone into shock numerous times. If it were not for the pressure and local attention that community, legal and political activists have put on the prison authorities, Jamie Scott could have easily died.

I mean honestly, hasn't the punishment in this case truly outweigh the crime? Isn't a life, oh no that's right; two life sentences. Isn't that a bit much?

However you feel about the Scotts’ innocence or guilt, at least consider the tens of thousands of dollars required to keep just one person in prison. Funneling these resources into locking up two women for petty theft does a disservice to the residents of Mississippi.

It also speaks to how little regard society has for black life. Is black life considered so worthless that lawmakers don’t care if the Scotts rot in prison over $11

Thursday, December 9, 2010

National Human Rights Day

I like to believe that we as a people all have rights, wouldn't you?

Yeah, we certainly do have rights, I just don't think that the concept of those rights are treated equally for ALL people. We've come a long way, over the valley and through the storms; but we still have a ways to go!

On Friday, December 10th this year the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, along with the Charleston, Wheeling and Beckley Human Rights Commissions, are jointly raising awareness for National Human Rights Day. Help us spread the word!

National Human Rights Day is a day to remember and to promote the great freedoms that we have which were adopted On December 10, 1948, whereby the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following this historic act the Assembly called upon all Member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and "to cause it to be disseminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories."

On February 16, 1946, facing the incredible violations of human rights which victims of World War II suffered, the United Nations established a Human Rights Commission, with Eleanor Roosevelt as one of its members. Eleanor Roosevelt had been appointed a delegate to the United Nations by President Harry S Truman after the death of her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lady Eleanor Roosevelt worked on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, writing parts of its text, helping to keep the language direct and clear and focused on human dignity. She also spent many days lobbying American and international leaders, both arguing against opponents and trying to fire up the enthusiasm among those more friendly to the ideas. She described her approach to the project this way: "I drive hard and when I get home I will be tired! The men on the Commission will be also!"

Spread the Word: Friday, December 10 is "National Human Rights Day".

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Naughty or Nice

For me the holidays are about remembering the light, celebrating goodness and deeply feeling gratitude for life itself. This is my favorite tyme of year but I do realize for some people Christmas can be heartbreaking, lonely, depressing and the list goes on.
I realise the holiday stresses can bring about thoughts and attitudes that trigger
thoughts and feelings which both can be pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Just the simple thought or feeling of being late for an event while stuck in a traffic jam or long store line-up can lead to anger and frustration. Resisting attending a holiday party triggers resentment. Judgment of an irritating relative creates hostility.

Taking lyfe at ease and accepting that you can't change your past or people and how they are only brings you comfort. Understand that you can only change you and change your current situation/circumstances. So, instead of trying to figure out why things are the way they are or why people are the way they are, lets just take my gurl "Mo'Nique's" advice: IT IS WHAT IT IS and move on.

Accepting that there will be long line-ups and delays, too many events to attend, and difficult encounters with family and relatives, eases expectations and reduces resistance, bringing immediate relief.

So with all that said, Rather than just go for the ride year after year, ou can make a declaration to yourself to make this a different year.

Here are some practices that I find to be very helpful and if you adapt some or even create you own, I guarantee, you will feel surprisingly different by the end of the year.
Here we go:

•Are your basic needs met before giving to others? Make sure you are in alignment with your true values first, and then decide what to give.
•Be amused. Laughter lightens any situation,See the humorous side of things.
•Give to self.
•Create your own traditions. Once you’re clear about what makes this season meaningful for you, have fun and play with it•Stay at ease.
•Set boundaries: Remember, your time and energy is precious. Be clear about what works for you and what doesn’t. Making and sticking to healthy choices isn’t deprivation, it’s self love Are your boundaries intact?.
•Remind yourself that worrying about the future or regretting the past isn’t going to change what has or is going to happen. Search for what else could be true, rather than what you fear.

Personally, I believe once you become clear about what’s most important to you, you will then be able to redefine the spirit of the season for yourself. What is this holiday really about, is it spiritual? Family? Is it even about giving? Only you can answer these questions and truly its a self love; self respect soul searching kinda answer and the bottom line is: For better or worse, it’s the way it is...IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Enjoy yourself as well as honoring yourself at the deepest level this Christmas!!

I’m looking forward to December…are you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to my family, friends and all my followers!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Just left my mom's house. Finished up my greens and baked my chocolate chocolate cake. I'm making my stuffing for my turkey and started thinking about my grandma. My Nan, as I would call her.

My Nan made sure everybody sat down and had family dinner during our holidays. I loved being in the kitchen with her and watching her cut up the collard greens and she hand mashed those sweet potatoes. Not like I do today, whip out the mixer. Naw, she used the hand masher. She would be up cooking all night long. It's funny because as she cooked, she kept her VO and water right by her side. That was her drink, but she would call it her taste. lol.

My Nan, boy, do I miss her. I miss her laughter, her calling out my name Rhonda Lynn. I always knew when I did something wrong, she used that middle name.

Welp, holidays just don't seem the same without my nana. One thing for sure, her spirit carrys on. We still sit down and have our family dinner, have prayer and scripture read. My nan always had us all circle around the table and read scripture first and then prayer.

This Thanksgiving, I'm remembering my nan. I'm grateful and thankful for having a well rounded strong women who taught us the value of spending time with loved ones.

Family and Friends were important to her. She would say, never go to bed angry. Call your friends up and let them know you're thinking about them. She would say, don't stay mad at people, forgive them and move on. She always would say, staying mad only hurts you. She was right.

Tonight, I remember my nan and I value the love she gave and shared.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Round 2

It's Private Lesson Tyme! Im very excited to have a second round of 4 week lessons. I sure hope with my work schedule and all, I can commit.

All in the name of having some fun!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

10,000 hits

Good evening everyone! Tonight, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who have either read, skipped through my blog or just hit the page in error. I most def want to thank those of you who took the time from your busy day to actually post a comment. I Thank you and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. It means so much!

Today, I reached my 10,000 traffic hit counter. I've been blogging for about 1 1/2 years. So many times I felt like it was all pointless, but I continued to blog because if nothing else; it made me feel better and it helped me grow as a person. There was a tyme where I felt I had nothing important to say and a friend spoke a kind word of encouragement and said, "give it a try." Well, I did just as he said and I made it to 10,000 views!

I hope my blog posting will continue to inspire and help people. I hope its grows upon many interesting topics and more people will read and hopefully reply with comments.

To All My Readers: Thank you so very much for viewing my page. I really appreciate it and it truly makes me feel good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tragedy 2 Triumph

When God steps into your life, he changes and creates a destiny that is only fit for you. Recently, through some life changing mishaps; I've been asked to be a "Keynote" speaker at a Women's Group held at Sherrod Middle School. I will be sharing part of my life story and how God enabled me to turn a near fatal situation from tragedy to triumph.

There are billboards of this event all throughout the Ohio Valley. Im not one who takes the forefront, which makes me even more nervous but I know God and I'm trusting he knows best and will give me strenghth, courage and the right words to speak. After all, this is his testimony of how powerful and how much he looks after us!

If you are able, please come and attend. This is the 2nd Annual event entitled "Ladies Night 2". It's truly amazing how God connects people into your life and walks you through a journey meeting up with people on the same pathway.
Ladies Night 2 exists to encourage and inpire YOU! It's time again for the girls to gather together, awaken our sleeping hearts and find the purpose that lies dormant inside each of us. Let's take time to really believe in ourselves and the potential we have to do amazing things. The Ladies Night team has been planning and preparing another amazing time for you. . .so get ready!!

Come and have a wonderful time.

Show up early for a GROUP PHOTO with friends, jewelry and spa exhibits, refreshments, and as always. . .CHOCOLATE!! It's going to be an AMAZING time together!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maysa Told Me

I was riding home tonight for Muskinghum University were my son attends college and this song dropped in my soul!

I remember back in the day, I was in maybe 6th or 7th grade when Earth Wind & Fire came out with this song. It reminds me of my dad. He use to to play this song over and over. Really and truly, I use to love hearing it.

Today, I'm reminded of this song and those words. "Keep Your Head To The Sky"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Midnight Fantasy

By Susan Atkinson
As I lie in my bed
My thoughts turn to you.
I think of the time
We spent together
And how our love grew.

I miss your voice
As it speaks my name.
I miss your eyes
And how they burn
With a passionate flame.

I want to feel your breath
On my naked skin.
And the touch of your hand
so tender -
Which ignite the fires within.

My mouth deeply hungers
For the sweetness of your lips.
My body craves your touch
As you explore me
With your fingertips.

I want to feel the heat
As the passion quickly builds.
Your caresses and your kisses
Make it easy
For my body and soul to yield.

I want to feel the pleasure
As we feed our lusts and desires.
Your flesh and mine
Becoming one
Burning hot with passion's fire.

Only you can satisfy
And bring me to ecstasy.
Only you can fulfill
My deepest desire
And my midnight fantasy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good circulation = equals healthier breasts.

Breast cancer screening saves lives.

Cancer can strike anywhere in the breast – the milk glands, the milk ducts or in the connective tissue. In cancer, cells grow out of control. Healthy lifestyle choices, knowing your body and your family history, and getting regular mammograms lessens opportunity for cancer to develop or escape early detection.

The American Cancer Society says although African American women get breast cancer less often than other races, it is diagnosed at more advanced stages and can be more aggressive and more difficult to treat.

Currently there is no guaranteed method to prevent breast cancer occurrence. In the report, “Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2009-2010,” the ACS says a woman’s overall best preventative health strategy to reduce her known risks for breast cancer is “avoiding weight gain and obesity, engaging in regular physical activity, and minimizing alcohol intake.”

Cancer is the No. 2 cause of death among African Americans, second only to heart disease, according to the CDC. Breast cancer is leading site of new cancer cases for African American women and is second only to lung cancer as the main cause of cancer death.

Know Your Facts
1.All women are at risk for breast cancer. All breast problems must be checked.
2.African American/Black women under the age of 40 have more aggressive and deadly tumors, need earlier, more frequent breast cancer screenings, and aggressive medical treatment to increase their survival advantages.
3.Elderly black women may be less aware of breast cancer risk factors or delay medical attention, which results in more advanced disease.
4.Breast cancer is a leading cause of death among black women
5.Please know that MEN can also get breast cancer! The symptoms are the same as for women. If you find any signs as listed below, see your doctor to be checked immediately. Look at and feel your pectoral muscles for any changes such as:
» A lump in the pecs, chest, collarbone, nipples, torso, or underarms.
» Discharge or fluid from the nipples that is bloody, clear, pus-like, or smells bad.
» Skin changes that are bumpy, dark, different color, itchy, painful, rash-like, puckered, redness, sore/ulcer, shrunken, swollen, or tender.
» Take charge of your health: Learn about your family’s cancer history as cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate are related and either side can carry the gene.
» Reduce your alcohol and fat intake, reduce your weight, and increase your exercise.
Just bringing Awareness to my Sistas. Much Love.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


"We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity."
— Malcolm X

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here is a picture of the hotel where we will be staying. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks to my former director, I'm leaving today for one of the best opportunties in the world. She passed on her "Leadership Retreat", to me and I am extrememly grateful, humble and appreciative. I sure hope I gain and learn a lot so that I can continue to progress and help someone else.

This trip is the beginning of a globally two year Leadership Commitment to work with some prominet, elite, professional men/women. We are headed to TwinCity, Minnesota to share, learn, revive, reform, expand upon and grow!

I'm very excited to be included and I can't wait to work with people who share the same common ground as I do.

This trip is basically a pamphering, take care of ourselves kinda trip and I'm so ready. Of course, I'm taking my laptop so hopefully I will have some indoor pool time to keep you posted! I sure hope they have a massage theraphy or yoga instructor like the last retreat. We shall see.

This is an exciting new season to meet new people and connect with the best globally.

Stay tune!

Shout Out

It would be remise of me not to give a shout out to my former Director. She suddenly resigned and stepped out on faith to journey on to her next pathway of lyfe. She always talked about leaving and that I better have my shit in order to take her position and I kept telling her she can't leave me until she gives me the knowledge, wisdom that I need.

Whelp, she left and needless to say; I don't feel no way ready or capable to fill her shoes. My Director was a strong women with a backbone ready to carry the world. I use to joke around with her and call her "Mr. Man".

I will tell you I learned a lot under her wings and her shoes I will never be able to fill. The one thing that I loved about her is that she was always ready, willing and able to help someone. She touched so many lives and always seemed to have an idea, answer (if not the answer, she knew where to find the answer) to anyones problems, situations, and/or concerns.

If I were to define her, I would say this:
She is

I wish her well on her pathway of her journey and I know she will continue to touch so many lives the same way she has impacted mine.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

West Virginia

I had to drive to Charleston yesterday. Its a long ryde but when its this season (FALL) the drive is so much more beautiful and exciting. I love the change of the leaves on the trees and the sky! West Virginia is beautiful this tyme of year.

I attended a State MLK meeting and noticed that I'm seated round table sharing my day with some very promient educated people. It's truly a blessing to be counted in and able to listen, glean, take notes and to my suprise asked my opinion.

Today, I just feel blest to have a strong connection with some prominet educated people in the state of West Virginia. It's a blessing...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's that time of year again and my girlfriend is having a Halloween Party in Pittsburgh. So I suppose I have to dress up again.

Last year I went as Ms. Officer (lil Wayne). I had to music playing on my phone, cuffs, badge and all. Only damn thing missing was lil Wayne and the dudes that was trynna get the part wasnting singing the right tune. lol. I have to admit, that was a bad ass cops outfit and I cuffed way too many! It was funny and really I had some fun with the outfit. Here's a couple of pics from playing the part:

This year, I think I might go as Lady Gaga or twista! Not too sure yet. All I know, it should be fun and I need the right costume!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Successful Black Women

Have you even noticed how powerful people know that there is no magic wand for discovering who they are? You look at people and wonder, damn, how did they achieve so much and what did they do to get there? Yes, I know the obvious, that it takes hard work, dedication and commitment to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly. Climbing that ladder is a bitch at times and you certainly have to know who you are to get there.

It seems like, the good in you draws compliments and admiration from others. Then there is the bad that has those parts of lyfe that needs some working on. (We all have those parts and its good to know what are your weak areas as well as your strengths). Well of course, we got the ugly. Yep, the ugly; that could just be the part of lyfe that represents some bad experiences that left us with some deep emotional wounds and scars. But you know what I'm learning? I see that even the ugly serves a purpose. If you really think about it, its there to build our power muscles that gives us the drive and determination to succeed.

Being powerful means, you know how to bring all of you to the table. Boldly authenticating and applying our very best for the task at hand, and not just for our own agenda but for the good of all.
When we are truly powerful, we understand that whether we wield influences the ultimate goal is to lift others up as we climb the ladder. That's what power means to me, having the skill and feeling strongly endowered with a strong sense of knowledge, wisdom, skills, gifts and talents and unfolding it all at the table.

Here are 7 Habits that help successful professional black women:
1. They know how to manage up. Doing what you can to make your boss's job easier and build your trust to solidfy your relationship.
2. They Build a network. Black women build relationships with those who tend to look like them, but they also make connections beyond their own gender, race, occupation etc. They have a wide diverse network to access opportunities.
3. They strategic about their brand. Your brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room. They know that their success is based upon how well then manage their reputation.
4. They position themselves globally.
5. They continuously develop themselves. Constantly learning and taking advantage of formal and informal education that enhances your skills.
6. They take risk to get noticed. No matter how hard you work, it won't help if no one notices.
7. They never ever play the DIVA. Mediocre performance won't cut it, even if you are best buddies with powerful people. Use your influence wisely, but be pleasant and helpful to everyone from the BOTTOM UP.

article from: Essence Mag

These tips will certainly help as I continue to move up the corporate level of success.

Monday, September 13, 2010


My how the years have gone by so damn fast. I remember this like it was yesterday. My man Tupac may his soul RIP.

With today marking the 14th anniversary of his death at age 25, after battling six days to survive gunshot wounds sustained on the strip in Las Vegas, people all over the World are remembering Tupac Shakur.!

His words were very impactful to many and it resonated with so much power. Definately a man before his tyme.

I believe, Tupac is looking down at me and at you and saying these words:

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots
I give a holler to my sisters on welfare
Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care
And uhh, I know they like to beat ya down a lot
When you come around the block brothas clown a lot
But please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up
And when he tells you you ain't nuttin don't believe him
And if he can't learn to love you you should leave him
Cause sista you don't need him

That's what I feel his spirit saying, yea, he is telling us; "Keep your head up"

Friday, September 10, 2010

After~ "After A While"

Part 1:
After a while you learn the subtle difference
between holding a hand and chaining a soul
and you learn that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't always mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises
and you begin to accept
your defeats
with your head up
and your eyes ahead
with the grace of woman,
not the grief of a child

And you learn to build
all your roads on today
because tomorrow's ground
is too uncertain for plans
and futures have a way
of falling down in mid-flight.

After a while you learn
that even sunshine burns
if you get too much
so you plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone
to bring you flowers.

And you learn
that you really can endure
you really are strong
you really do have worth
and you learn
and you learn
with every goodbye, you learn...

Part 2: After ~ "After A While"

I know that there are times when loving someone becomes difficult and that we are bound to get hurt from time to time. Then you realize that after a while you learn..that life does go on...

After "after a while" you change and build your hopes and you pray that maybe this time it will be different. And you hold on to that hope because in the end that's all you really have..

You want to hold a hand not to chain a soul but
to enjoy its company,
and you want someone's lips to kiss,
not because you are lonely but because you are
happy, and you want to give presents
and you want to make promises.

After 'after a while'
You begin to accept your defeats like an adult,
but like a child, will want someone to listen
and care,
and you want someone who will build roads with
you today so maybe you can pave the way for your
future together.

After 'after a while'
You want someone's sunshine and warmth,
but also accept the rain and the cold,
and you want to give flowers picked from your
own garden.

And when your garden is picture perfect,
you want it to be more than a picture
even if it means having to be imperfect
because you want someone in it to stay and to

Then you'll see that there is
such a thing as love...
and that you were made to live in someone else's
and you'll know that there is more to life than

You realize that no matter how tightly you hold,
if you're meant to let go, you can
And then you will understand that love
gives you reasons to understand
even the most complicated situations
And you will grow older believing that just
because you have convictions
doesn't mean you're always right

You will remember lips because of the smiles
that made your day,
the words that touched your soul, not only
because of the sweet kisses

And as you graciously accept defeat and absorb
the meaning of lessons
You feel that you are finally being the person
you never thought you'd be

So, armed with courage, strength and confidence,
you will face the world
head on...
With or without an army behind you
Because you know your worth and that alone is an

With more heartbreaks you will cry
But after every heartache, you will rise

Life is a garden ... it takes long to make it
But it's always worth the wait..

this is for all of us who patiently waits
It will be worth the wait... so, keep the faith.

written by: Hazel in response to Veronica Shoftshall, publication of poem After A While

The Devine Art of Letting GO

Written by: The Single Woman

Love is defined in many ways. Ask anyone on the street for their definition of love, and you’ll get no two answers the same. The Bible defines love. Movies define love. Turn on the radio and you’ll get a definition of love. We see evidence of love in the unlikeliest of places and among the most unlikely of men and women. Your cat loves you. Your dog loves you. Your neighbor loves you. Your mom loves you.

Love is everywhere we look. It makes the world go round, you know.

Something I’ve learned recently, and I didn’t learn it the easy way...is that love...true love...real, unselfish, unconditional love...can be found most prevalently in the act of letting go. I know, I know...we’ve all heard the saying: "If you love something enough, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, it was never really yours to begin with." As cliche as it might sound, it still holds true. I am learning that the most selfless act of love one person can show another person is to let them go. The inclination is always to beg, to cry, to plead for the other person to change their mind, forgive you, love you more, want you more, need you more...to show them why they can’t live without you...to prove to them that if they give you just one more chance, you’ll get it right this time. It’s human nature. It’s definitely my nature, as I typically refuse to give up without a fight. But if the person you love most in the world is struggling to break free...ready to move on...slipping through your fingers...regardless of how much it breaks your heart, shouldn’t you wish them the best and let them fly?

We have to let go. Not just for our own sake, but for the other person’s. Our hearts will never sing as long as we cling. When someone I love makes a choice, and his choice is not me...no matter how much I adore him and want to prove to him how wrong he was and how much he needs me in his life and how perfect we are for each other...I have to release him, and his memory, and trust that life and God has a plan for us both, even if it’s not together. And that moment, that decision, that act of letting the other person go...that’s our gift to them. At the end of the day and on the horizon of moving on, I guess our goodbye is really the only gift we have left to give.

Letting go is not for the faint of heart. It’s the hardest thing most of us will ever have to learn how to do...but still, we must do it. Because true love, real love, unselfish love...demands nothing less.

Questions that I asked someone and now I'm asking you: Does letting go mean, you give up on waiting? Typically I refuse to give up without a fight. But if the person you love is struggling to break free...ready to move on...slipping through your fingers...regardless of how much it breaks your heart, shouldn’t you wish them the best and let them fly?

Monday, September 6, 2010


Article by Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead.

Refreshing Ways to Bring Out the Awesomeness in Life

1. Return to simplicity. Simplification is about de-cluttering your life. It’s not just de-cluttering our homes and spaces though, it’s simplifying our mental and emotional realms. It’s shedding the baggage of self-limiting beliefs and constant mental chatter. It’s finding some quietude in your life.
2. Stop labeling. It’s amazing how much we think we’re experiencing life, but we’re really just thinking about it. I want you to try a little exercise with me. Take a look at something around you. Maybe it’s a photo, a plant, or your keyboard. Our normal state of mind is to think about the object we’re looking at, to conceptualize it in our mind and place labels on it. Now look at the same object and don’t think about it. If this is difficult for you, that’s okay. Relax and just look. Let go. Notice a difference? That’s because when you’re not thinking about what you’re things, you’re actually experiencing life directly. The labels in our mind are simply abstractions, they’re not reality itself. Try doing this more often: when you’re in line at the grocery store, walking your dog, listening to music, etc. You’ll start to enjoy your experience much more.
3. Enjoy the simple things in life. This goes along with quieting our minds as well. The next time you eat a piece of fruit or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, simply enjoy it. Sounds like a pretty obvious suggestion right? Well it is, but most of the time we do exactly the opposite. We’re not just eating or drinking, we’re thinking about all sorts of things. We’re thinking about the next item of action; taking out the dog to use the bathroom, the mail we need to take to the post office, etc. The next time you eat or drink, just do that. You will experience the flavors and tastes at if it were the first time.
4. Change things up. Try something new. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never gotten around to. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play tennis, go out and buy a tennis racket and a ball. If you don’t have a partner, you can always play the wall. =)
5. Make time for what you love. We often get burnt out because we’re busy working and attending to obligations. If we are not doing anything we’re excited about, we’ll likely start resenting our lives. It’s important to make time every day doing things you really enjoy.
6. Drop unwanted commitments. Just as we need to make time for doing things we love, we also need to prune the things we aren’t passionate about. Some things aren’t really negotiable. If you don’t pay your electricity bill, you will be eating by candlelight. But other so-called obligations aren’t really necessary. A good test is to ask yourself if your commitment is something that’s really adding to your life. Is it enhancing your life, or is it just adding more stress? Sometimes quitting is the best answer when simplifying your life.
7. Focus on what matters. I have a tendency to want everything to be perfect. I want to edit every article I write until I can’t tell whether or not it’s good anymore. Then I edit it some more. I later realize that even when I don’t get as good of a response as I hoped for, no one really care. Except me. You have the option to not care about things being less than perfect too.
8. Let go. Relaxation is possible. I know, it scares me too. The thought of not obsessing over all the things I didn’t get done today is often terrifying. But it’s okay. There will always be tomorrow. On your deathbed do you really think you’re going to be thinking about the to-do list you didn’t complete? I don’t think so. You’ll probably be thinking about how you wished you would have had more fun, spent more time with your family and enjoyed life more.
9. Embrace your inner geek. We’re all geeky about certain things. I admit that I’m a design geek. I can sit for hours obsessing over typefaces, color palates and white space. I seriously live for this stuff though, so it’s okay to obsess a little. The point is, when I design, draw, and write, I lose track of time. I embrace my inner geek and all I’m thinking about is what I’m doing. I’m not worrying about how it will turn out, I’m not thinking about the phone bill I need to pay. I’m just there. Think about what really makes you geek out. A good indicator is that it’s something you get super excited about that makes other people give you strange looks.
10. Be grateful. I’m certainly not the first one to say this. But it bears repeating. Every time I am in a rut or feeling sorry for myself, I try to remember to be grateful. Just being grateful to be alive is a powerful thing. You never know when you’re going to leave this world. You never know if you’ll have another chance to write that novel you have been meaning to, run that marathon or tell your lover how you feel about her.

Reassess your priorities. Are you living for today, or solely for the achievement of your next project? Do you stress out about what’s on your to-do list more than living in the moment? If you’re at all like me, you occasionally fall into this rut as well. We have to find a balance in achievement and contentment.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making Lyfe Work

I attended a Poetry Fest in Columbus a few weeks ago and I remember this poet making a statement that kinda hit me a little deep. Although, it was all fun and laughter; this particular poet well lets just say, he was strangely interesting.

He made a statement, "Making Lyfe Work" just that simple. "Making Lyfe Work" and I thought about it and I suppose it really makes logical sense. Doesn't that sound simple enough?

You know how we kinda hope for the way we would like things to be? Well, instead of hoping: I suppose it's just time to work with what is right in front of you! That to me is "Making Lyfe Work".

I know that sometimes we feel like what we have in front of us doesn't look like much, but really it is a place to start. Starting somewhere and working with what we got, it's just that damn simple.

Just being real, we might not have it all together and we might not have all the answers and, if you're anything like me; I have made many mistakes and plenty of failures but I'm not going to let those things hinder me or bogg me down. Nope, not any more.

I know that my attitude in how I accept lyfe will reflect in my actions and it will reflect in a negative or positiv way. It's up to me and you to decide what attitude we want to take while we are "Making Lyfe Work".

What we sow today will be what we harvest tomorrow! Damn, I want to make sure I am sowing good seeds right now because tomorrow I need a good damn harvest coming back. So, There is no greater tyme to start then right now.

Just a question to thing about: What things in your life could you be working on right now and what kind of attitude are you relecting, while you're "Making Lyfe Work"?

And remember, When approaching lyfe, attitude is everything!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gurl you know I~I~I

46 and still holding! Very Thankful today for seeing another year. I actually laid in my bed until 10:30am....So not me, but its my day!
Since I didn't wake up to any morning birthday sex, I thought I would watch my favorite video and imagine what its like. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

It's peaceful music like this that settles my soul. I tell you, it just seems like somehow-someway, when lyfe boggs me down amd Im feeling a little stress coming on; I always find peace, rescued solitude and relief in songs, poems and funny ass comedy.

This video right here, is my resting place, my reminder that everything won't complete itself in a day! This video right here, takes all the stress away!

I'm actually enjoying tonight. Having a peaceful evening and getting a little tipsy off drinking a glass of wine. Okay, maybe I'm getting a lot tipsy!

I dig this video and everything it represents! I hope you do to and remember,
"Rome Wasn't Built In a Day".

It's A New Season

I don't know about ya'll, but this season of lyfe I've been in sucked!! I'm so glad it's over. I'm shifting into a brand new season and It's a good one.

As we go through lyfe, our seasons change, just like the weather, nature and the four seasons that God created. Everybody isn't in the same season. My Winter maybe someone else's spring and vice versa. I think that's the way God intended it to be. Can you imagine everyone walking in the same season? That would be down right awful, dull, boring and pretty much suicidal.

Whelp, Just a quick update, I've been working long and hard on my upcoming workshop and I'm sure you can guess the title. You got it. "Seasons of Lyfe, What Season Are You In"? You see, its important to know and understand the different seasons pertaining to lyfe and its just as important to know where you are in lyfe. I've been in the season of "Winter".

My upcoming workshop will be next Sunday, Aug 29th and I really put my heart and a whole lot of hard work into trying to make it successful. If you ever hosted a workshop/seminar or any event you know exactly what I mean.

I found this song. It's amazing how God just puts people/places/things right in your path. This song is perfect its called "Its A New Season". Just to set the tone/atmosphere, I think I will play it on repeat as people enter.

Whelp, I will update you all later on how it went. Until then, "It's A New Season"!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's Really Going On?

Now love is love and it doesn't have a color, but here lately one and one don't add up to TWO. So I've been asking myself, "What's Really Going on"?

Is it me or do you also ask yourself these very same questions? Why is it that "Black Love" is so hard to find? Have black men been hurt one too many tymes by black women that they now resulted in devaluing black women? I've been contemplating writing a few posts about the topic and about why black men seem to dis black women and treat the white women like queens. I was just wondering, am I the only one questioning?

Whelp, I found this book and I must tell you; its a must read. It's called: The Conversation by Hill Harper. He is one of my favorite authors. Here is a page from one of his chapters that I want to share.

Do Black Women Feel Valued by Black Men? No, Black Women don't feel valued by black men. If you look at Asians, Hispanics or any other ethnic group, including Jews you will find one common thing and that is they were all taught never to talk bad against one another. Huh, I find that hard to believe; especially within the Hispanic Race. Interesting.

Guess What? When it comes to black men and women, you all ready know. If a black guy isn't dating a black woman he is going to say: I can't stand black women, they are always tripping over spilled milk and angry. And a black woman, well, she will say: I can't stand a black man, they are all liars and cheaters. This is the first thing that comes out of our mouths.

What's really going on? Our culture was bred to speak against and speak bad about one another. It just seems like the black men don't want to befriend us and open up to learn and grow together. Why is that? I believe this goes back to slavery and how they divided and conquered us.

Could we still have this slavery mentality? You know how, they would split us up from each other and I do think that's the root of it all. Black men weren't allowed to be with their families and the black women and children were separated.

Think about it, After slavery ended, we still struggled to maintain, to communicate and to love. We been pitted against one another and don't even know why. How many black families are together within your community? It has been an on going generational negative emotional dynamics passed down and as a result black love is almost non existent.

Even though we are educated, we still refuse to accept or even acknowledge that our unique history in this country has directly led to our negative present day conditions when it comes to "black love".

I just thought that was an interesting concept and it opened my eyes to a few things. It is making me dig deeper within to understand my struggles as a black women trying to remain faithful to "black love".

I would love any dialogue and thoughts about "What's Really Going On"? What do you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sex Style

What's your sex style?

Are you a passionate romances or are you as randy as a rabbit between the sheets?

How often do you and your partner have sex?

What's your usual sex position?

What classes as foreplay, or what turns you on, in your relationship?

Do you regularly orgasm?

Do you use sex toys or wear lingerie?

Do you have any fantasies?

Who makes the first move when it comes to having sex?

What does sex mean to you?

Whatever your style is, I sure hope both you and your partner pleases one another. Drinking wine tonite just made me ask myself some questions.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Big "R"

I'm up late tonight. Feeling a lot of different emotions. My main emotion I'm kinda feeling is the big "R", REJECTION.

Have you ever felt rejected? It's not a good feeling, especially when you're rejected by someone you love. How do you deal with rejection? Do you say, fuck you? Do you feel sad and walk around like its the end of the world?

I don't really know or have the answer to the big feeling of the big "R". I mean it makes u feel small, worthless, insecure and unwanted. Is that how he wanted me to feel?

Whelp, here I am on the eve of his big day; feeling the big "R". Im sure he has it all planned out because that's the kind of man he is, he has a vision.

I'm sure he is putting the final touches and gathering up all his thoughts, energy and creativty for his big day tomorrow.

I just wanted to be that women that stood beside him and watched his dream/his vision become reality. I just wanted to be that women that was proud to say, there goes my baby and smile at him while he impacts others lives.

Just feeling a little envious that I'm not that special woman standing by his side.

I pray for him. I pray always for him. And tonight, I pray that his event is successful. I'm proud of him and I'm smiling just imagining... in spite of.

I'm goning to be excited for him anyway and I wish him all the best on his big day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

40 & Over

In case you all were wondering, why I havent been posting as much, its because lately I've been a little busy and honestly, just doing me.

I got a 46th birthday coming up the end of the month and at first, I was beginning to feel a little sad. My mind started playing tricks on me saying things like, you're old and don't have a man and you're old and to get a man you have to compete. But Thank God for knocking some damn sense into me and giving me a mirror, I'm ok and I'm with who I am and I'm ok even If I never get a man (I hope I do though because I don't want to be alone, really who does?).

Here's a article I found that I wanted to share.

Women over 40 are hot
Article By: Lisa Daily, Lavalife Prime

Turning 40 is a shocker for a lot of women.

Well, crap, they think. I'm OLD. You're not. How in the world am I going to compete with some 26-year-old with perky boobs and no baggage? And it's not because you can't, it's because you don't need to. Yes, some men are looking for 26-year-olds. But those are not the men you want to date. Besides, squeezing yourself into a tube top and stilettos to go hang out at the local watering hole isn't going to fool anyone, right? At least not close up... or before midnight.

And that's OK.

It's time to think about the things that really make you attractive.

A woman over 40 is not looking for a man to define who she is.

You know who you are

A woman over 40 is not looking for a man to define who she is. Once you accept who you are, you can begin to like who you are, and that gets reflected in the way you carry yourself.

You have your own life

"Women over 40 are hot because we are comfortable in our skin and most of us are OK to be alone. When we are with someone it's not because we need to be, but because we want to be."

You're comfortable with sex

You've seen a few things

A woman with more life experience has an easier time putting things in perspective. You've likely known great joy as well as tragedy.
"Women over 40 have sustained a fair amount of life's disappointments and challenges. Over time, they learn to prioritize where things are a big deal and where they just don't really matter."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Yo'Self Anthem

I decided I'm gong to do this and if the world thinks I'm crazy, oh well.

Recently a friend of mind ask me to read poetry at the Steubenville African American Festival. He said, keep it clean and do you! hmm, he opened of some doors for my creation to take over. So, I thought I wanted to do a little skit and act out my poem.

Whelp, I saw this cute article in Essence Mag and my mind got to racing. Kudos to Christette Michele from writing this article!!! So, here it is:

The title will be "The Showstopping Shoestomping ENSEMBLE."

Divas are you with me? Im personally ready to grab hold of the spotlight and recite lyrics from each one of these songs. I have small segments from each song that flows sweet. Heres the Songs:

1. Im Every Woman ~ Chaka Khan
2. New Attitude ~ Patti LaBelle
3. RESPECT ~ Aretha Franklin
4. Just Fine ~ Mary J. Blige
5. I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor
6. Single Ladies ~ Beyounce
7. God in Me ~ Mary Mary
8. Golden ~ Jill Scott
9. Superwoman ~ Alicia Keys
10. Control ~ Janet Jackson

I think these songs truly help us as DIVAS to feel worthy of being a Solid Black Woman!

Just 4 Today

I was reading this book tonight and this passage stood out. It was almost like the words came alive and jumped out at me. I think it was exactly what I needed and I wanted to share it with you all. Here it goes:

Live Lyfe to its fullest right where you are. Dont think about tomorrow - God has your tomorrow covered!
Live your lyfe for today and as the day presents itself you will become peaceful, healthy and whole.
Increase your lyfe and don't decrease. Be truthful with yourself and stop sitting around counting the days and moments. Let God's plan unfold for you!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simple Pleasures

When you're in love, its the simple pleasures that keeps the flames burning.

The words move from his lips
The way they touch my ears
The way they make me feel
The way his words keep my fire burning
How I feel when his words are gone
Written by LaVonda Jones

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TOP 10

Hey people,
Just a reminder to emphasize on optimism and remember you are what you think:
Here's a list of my top 10. What are yours?

1. be happy...smile, be realistic and take control of you feelings and thoughts.

2. Stay busy, use your talents to make others glad.

3. Dont just lay there, rise above defeat and trouble.

4. every day is a new day to start over.

5. do your best and leave the rest to God.

6. don't waste your time and energy in useless worry.

7. look only on the bright side of life & see the positve.No tyme for Debbie Downer

8. don't be afraid of tomorrow. God got your back.

9. have a kind word and a kind deed for everyone. Don't be a Negative Nancy.

10. Wake up every morning -- Knowing you got some purpose to complete!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Someone Stop The World

Im deep into my feelings tonight. I love this song and video it makes me feel so good. I listen to it and I can just feel the emotion all behind it. Enjoy.

Poolside Help

Whelp, since I was unable to fill my pool; I thought I would jot down my thoughts and express myself a lil bit. I got a small ass pool and what really burns my rump is that I can't even fill it up.

You would think this shit would be easy. I mean I do hold a college degree and I'm not freakin stupid! How damn hard can it be to put some freakin water in a pool, right? Whelp, its that hard!

You know, my kids do there best and honestly they simply don't know what to do with it and neither do I.

Really, it would be nice just to have a man that I can call upon and he would be there to help in times like today. Is that really asking too much?

I mean, I go over and beyond to help people. I would give my last to help someone. So why, can't a sista get a lil help from time to time?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who you Rolling Wit?

Have you ever thought about your inner circle of friends? Do they help you grow, move forward in lyfe, support you and listen to you when you need them? Or, are they backstabbers, constantly tearing you down, wanting what you have and even telling you things that they know will hurt you. Around people who really aren't on your level and they can't even help you get to another level. hmmm, Friends/associates that would even sleep with your partner and then they make sure you find out?

Right now, my heart is at a low low place and I keep asking myself the question: who encourages the encourager to keep on going?

Have you ever felt like you keep saying the same thing over and over again? Ever felt like you're just stuck going through the motions but not moving forward with your lyfe? When I say stuck, it could mean something different to us all. For me, its being stuck in my heart and I'm soo tierd of being stuck.

When lyfe gets me down and I'm lost for words, somehow I find myself being encouraged through my faith. Well, I found this video. TD Jakes is one of my celeb mentors. I learn alot from this man and he's very knowledgeable.

For those of you who don't like religion, I'm not trying to sholve it on you but just listen and keep an open mind.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Game Tyme

This is gonna be my summer to spend some tyme GAME PLAYING! I don't know how Imma find the tyme but I will and besides I got a whole lot of build up I need to release!

Watch out, you might see me around playing and when you do...BEWARE, i'm releasing!

6 Month CheckUP

Can you believe we are already six months into the year? I can't, geesh how tyme seems to be flying past so quickly.

I don't know about you, but I'm big on goal setting. But not only do I set goals, but I've learned through the years sometymes goals need adjusted, evaluated and re-adjusted. So, its that tyme again.

Three tymes a year I do what I call a "Wake Up Call". During the month of December I always review the past year and then I set goals in motions on things that I would like to accomblish for the new year. I look at myself first, my circle of friends, relationships, accomblishments, finances etc. Trust me, its not an easy task. As I evaluate these things, it forces me to soul search and begin to cut cords, mend cords and simple take necessary actions.

Here I am, six months into the year and to my demise; guess what? I'm on target with several things. I didn't even think so, but I am and yes, there are a few things that I'm still stuck on. Seems like the easiest thing to rid yourself from turns out to be the hardest. Anyway, I know what I have to do in that area it's just a matter of sticking to it and moving forward. Pray for me!

First:I wanted to move into the field and expertise that I enjoy so much and begin a new career. There's some things in motion. I'm on the pathway and hopefully all will go as planned. Second:And this one might be a contridiction to the first but I'm targeted so far to make $80G this year! But that's subject to change, especially if I go forward in changing careers. Third:Start up of SOAR, our first meeting is scheduled for July 29th and I've already partnered with West Virginia Business College, we meet once a month. I'm so excited! Wish us luck. Fourth:Having a vehicle for Sean to take back to school this fall. Well, I'm looking to buy a new car, I just made my last car payment on my truck and I'm looking for sumthing a little more luxurious for me and give Sean the truck. Fifth: Hosting Miss NAACP. After two years, damn two whole years past. Whelp, we are having our first sign up July 14th with workshops beginning July 30th. Sixth: Increasing my prayer/study habits with reading my bible. God has been too good to me to ignore him. I'm back with him again and I'm truly happy, he gives me so much insite! Seventh:Celebrating me. I have learned so much about myself these past 6 months, not all good either but I Love me anyhoo. I know I'm a special unique woman. Eighth:Travelling. I been travelling so much these past 6 months and really meant so unique people. People that somehow have become a part of my growth and journey. These past six months have been really busy and I really have accomblished alot. Some things that I haven't done and I need to do: exercise and play my WII more, School (wanted to take some photography classes, and having a relationship (I know I love hard and I give my all to that one that I'm involved with) its just having that one who will/can love.

My last six months will be focused on expanding those things I've started and moving towards those things I'm struggling so hard to find or complete.

What about you, where are you on your 6 month checkup?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Do ~ Karma

Do you believe in Karma? huh, its funny how those things that you do or even say have a way of smacking your rump right in your face.

I see the word karma grossly misused these days everywhere. I just thought a clarification may be in order.

The word karma is derived from the Sanskrit kri, "to do". All action is karma. Technically this word also means the effects of actions. Sometimes it means the effects of which our past actions were the causes.

Simply put, what goes around comes around.
I guess actions, words and deeds really do catch up and when it does...

Lesson Learned through you: watch what you say and do for the same will fall back on you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm not sure what prompt me to thinking about the term: "Renaissance Woman", I think because I've been working on the Miss NAACP Pageant and that I just needed to look back into our history.

Yeah, after two years I'm back embracing the pageant. Seems like so much tyme was wasted and I don't even know how tyme went by so fast. I feel like I dropped the ball and left these girls empty. In fact, I know I did but enough beating myself up about it so. Anyways,

As I looked up the definition of a Renaissance Woman, I found many. But, I think this one best fits and honestly I like this one the best:

A renaissance woman is someone who sets her own agenda for personal achievement and will not allow herself to be manipulated or intimidated. She understands that she has been created for such a time as this and embraces her destiny as a challenge and not a curse, no matter what her personal circumstances. She is a winner not a whiner, a leader not a follower, a victor, not a victim. She wants to change the paradigm of the feminist movement that has served to marginalize and ridicule women who do not follow their collective agenda. Yeah, I like this definition a lot...

So with that said, I thought about two women who I would describe as a Renaissance Woman.

The 1st being spiritual and biblical. I think of my gurl: Esther. Making a long story short: Esther new she was born for such a tyme as this and she knew it was her tyme to take a stand for her people and go before the King. Her famous quote: "If I perish, I perish but I'm going in anyhow". (paraprhasing) Ester could have been killed standing up for her people but The King gave her favor!

The 2nd: I would say, Josephine Baker who honestly lived such an extraordinary lyfe that to me she broke down doors that were closed in her face. A woman who was deemed "too dark for any chorus line" ended up being the highest paid. She made history with her gifts and talents.

Both these ladies demonstrated a sense of humanitarian efforts, heroism and a strong sense of leadership that created a lyfe long change to society. These women left lights on for the entire world to follow and to me that's a "RENAISSANCE WOMAN".

This is the type of mantel of leadership and virtue that I hope I can pick up and pass on to other younger women.

If you are a women, I hope you have your version of a Renaissance Woman and begin wearing the mantel. Our young gurls are dying needing us to become mentors and I know its a heavy mantel to carry but someone has to pick it up.

Lets pray together, we can wear it and pass it on like the ones that went on before us.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did I ever thank you?

I find myself wondering...
Did I give you your due..
For all that you've done for me
Did I ever thank you?

For all of my childhood memories
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?

Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgement, courage, and being true
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared
Did I ever thank you?

If I have forgotten, I'm thanking you now

I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew it all along.

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad