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"Attitude is Everything". ~2011 Diva Principle

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lover of my Soul

Hey Dear Lover,

It's me again. How are you? Just checking to make sure you are doing well. I'm fine. I feel the need to let you know tonight, that ah well,:

I love you. Again, you are my heart, my hero, my helper, my confidant, my one and only true friend. My AMAZING one, that's what you are. You are the best lover of all tymes.

I love how you are always there as my solace, my listener, my protector, my provider and my supreme sacificer!

Oh yea, you are my source of lyfe. You are my river that runs through me, my rock of ages beneath me, the one and only above me and the spirit of lyfe in me. I love you so...

My heart beats a beat for you and yours is the love that I truly lean on. I love it how your hand is the hand that I can always reach for..., and truly your chest is there for my tears to find their way to. Thank you sooo much for being my, ah, well; my Counselor, my comforter, and the captain of all my ways. Yeah, thats what you are.

You are the searcher of my heart, the keeper of my secrets, the giver of all my dreams, my most intimate companion that's what you are to me. The dweller of my deepest parts within me.

Dear Lover, thank you for walking with me, talking with me and holding me.

You are all the wonder that is love to me. And, I love you and just wanted you to know.

Yeah, I love you soo...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do You

I just wanted to share this young man's QUEST and personally give him a HUGE shout out! He is in New York living on his own and doing his thing and I'm very very proud of his accomblishments.

I watched this young man grow from crawling, to walking, to riding bike to running down my house crying about being over weight. Yep, I love to see young people grow and mature to be all that God has created them to be.

DeJuan ventured out to New York start college about 4 years ago, he since has found his way on hosting many interviews and working with BET, Rip the Runway, Twitter and just completed the above interview and utube video. I look for this young man to go far and I'm so proud to know him.

This is what the term "DO U" truly means. Taking that talent and not being afraid to venture out into the deep.

Don't let anyone hold you back. Don't listen to all the negative voices telling you "you can't".

Do You!

Dreams Do Come True

A Motivational Poem
You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be
Poet: Donna Levine

There is inside you
all of the potential to be whatever
you want to be
all of the energy to do whatever
you want to do.

Imagine yourself
as you would like to be,
doing what you want to do,
and each day, take one step
towards your dream.

And though at times it may seem too
difficult to continue,
hold on to your dream.

One morning you will awake to find
that you are the person
you dreamed of
doing what you wanted to do
simply because you had the courage
to believe in your potential
and to hold on to your dream.

Dreams Do Come True, just ask De'Juan!


I love this story.

We all may come to a point in our lives where we might have to ask ourselves, Am I spending a wasteful day in regret?

This story, could have left people with plenty of regrets, outbursts and wasteful sleepless nights. I'm so glad this story is available to read and to gain insight.

Many people get the story a little twisted and say that these two women were lesbians, but I don't believe so and I personally feel the true friendship that these women shared made them both stronger. Here's the story.

Naomi and Ruth:

In spite of the fact that staying together after Naomi lost her son and her husband and Ruth lost her husband which was Naomi's Son. Despite the fact that the two of them stayed together Ruth choose to follow Naomi. Which meant, she had to leave her home, her family and her country. She left it all behind, which I can imagine really wasn't much after losing her husband.

Ruth clung to Naomi and she vowed to stand as one with her no matter what. This to me, just demonstrates true friendship and that isn't easy to find. This is one of the most beautiful commitments of friendship in history and I often read the story and every time I am impacted by their commitment. Ruth gained so much wisdom and strength by watching Naomi. They both shared intimate secrets without any judgment, criticism or domination. Now, how many people can you trust your secrets to? I have one person for the first time ever that I told my inner most secret to and he is a man and I believe he doesn't judge me.

Ruth and Naomi were more than daughter and mother in law, they were friends that loved at all times--in good and bad situations. Their actions demonstrated the self-sacrificing love that builds intimacy in any relationship.

As women particularly Women of Color, we should cherish the intimate friendship we are blessed to have and guard these valuable relationships.

Too many of us get caught up being "haters"! We are jealous, envious, backstabbers, devious, etc. We are women who can't seem to simply show and give love for your sista. Love your sista when she finds herself a man or when she gets a new house, car, job etc. Even when our sista is down, help her up. Stretch out your hand, lend your ear, bend your shoulder to her. Instead of running your mouth and beating her further down with your lips and feet.

To all my sistas, Stop all the haten and let Ruth and Naomi's difficult yet mutually rewarding relationship guide you. Show some love and stand by your friend!

p.s. - the best part of the story of Ruth is that by being helpful, faithful, true and following after a wise old woman (Naomi); Ruth found herself a good man. Boaz! Yep, she found BOAZ. I love that part of the story.

Encourage your sista and give her strength to carry on!

Men / Women

Men are told by society:
they always have to be strong and put on a tough exterior
to block out all sensitive "unmanly" feelings
It is drilled into men from birth
that they are leaders
that they must achieve
that they must succeed in a career
Men are judged their whole lives
by the power they have and how much money they earn
What a terrible burden this must be

men must be free from the pressure to always perform
and be the strong partner
They must learn to laugh and cry
and be honest about how they feel
They must not be judged by their position or their possessions
Ladies, back your man and be the pillar he needs you to be.

Women are told by society:
They must be responsible for their children and husband
and that their careers should not be important
that they should not strongly voice their opinions
and that they are guided by emotions
If women have a career, we are made to feel guilty at work
because we are not with our children
When attending to our children, we are made to feel guilty
because we are neither attending to the needs of our family nor our work
Its difficult as a women to balance work lyfe, home lyfe and family
We are made to feel guilty
whether it is motherhood, a career or balancing both
We must realise our role. Our role and our position is of importance.
Women must learn to delegate what they cannot do (for we are not Superwoman)
and share responsibilities with their partners
Ladies, we must not feel guilty for being a STRONG, WELL BALANCED woman.

The roles society has imposed on
Men and Women are very damanging
in order for men and women to understand each other better
we must understand why we sometimes do the things we do.
We should not feel pressure created by society. Let's learn to
relax, replenish and represent one another by our own standards and not
the standards placed on us by society.

Moral of the Story: Do Not Let Society Dictate Your Role In Lyfe, PLAY YOUR PART and Play it well.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fried Chicken and Collard Greens

I miss my Nanna! I use to watch her cook and yes, she was famous for her "Fried Chicken & Collard Greens". I remember how she use to clean, roll up the collard greens and slice them up. She would say to me, "don't just stand there watching me". Child, pull yourself up a chair and follow me; dont just stand there. She would say: Hmmph, young folk act like they ain't never seen fresh greens and such, gurl get youself busy!

Cleaning greens was a process and a routine. Same way all the time. Every Sunday, we would have "Fried Chicken Collard Greens & mashed potatoes and have family sit down dinner. Wasn't any of that, you eat in the living room and I eat upstairs. No, we all sat down at the family dinner table. My my, how things have changed.

I'm trying now to show my grand-daughter some of grandma's family down through the years rituals.

What a lesson I've learned just in grandmas' "Fried Chicken and Collard Greens". She taught me the love, the laughter and the experience of taking time with loved ones. Oh, how I do miss my Nanna. As my Nanna nurtured me, so will I nurture mine!

Food for thought: For Every one of us that succeeds, its because there's somebody there to show you the way out. (Oprah Winfrey)

Thursday, March 11, 2010



by Sinsual

As she ran her fingers over the length of it, she remembered the last time they were together. She lightly touched every curve- curves that she knew so well, curves that were molded for her body alone. The hardness of it pleased her, it symbolized strength. She drew pleasure in the knowledge that she would be the one to draw its strength and leave it warm, resting, and pliable.

The warmth she felt was amazing. She never felt so close, so intimate, so needed. Lying there wondering what her next move would be she realized that closeness, that intimacy, that overwhelming carnal need, was the very force that drives her to this moment every time…

After deciding on the perfect color, length, and size, she went to the front counter and purchased her new pair of pumps. Exhausted, spent, and glowing she walked out into the street.

I saw this and couldn't resist. It had me clinging to the edge of my seat and then, well then, damn. I realised they were talking about my best friend!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Intruder

Again, my friend and I were talking and he made some comments about men, women & sex that really made alot of sense.

He said: Men can fuck anything with a hole! Wow. That one, blew me away. He said, all a man needs is a hole and he can get the thrusting sensation of pumping in and out without any emotions or feelings attached. Damn, that is so fucked up but soo on point. He's like a theif in the night, catching you off guard and intruding all in you.

He said: A woman has to accept and allow the man to enter her and by doing so, all of this man goes inside her being. What a profound way of looking at sex. He stated, all the man's junk, his feelings, his beings enters her body and soul and she is left with emotions. Emotions that are hers/his and filled with alot of distaste and nasty junk!

He stated, that when the guy only sees you as his hoe, he is invading and intruding upon your body and leaving you with a whole lotta empty space!

Ladies, some of this is on point. When you think about it, A man takes his penis and has to put it in a hole. That hole could be anything, just turns out it's one of us or several of us. lol
We beleive the man's lies, we want to feel special by him and be adored; so we fall for him and end up being invaded and intruded upon.

Does it make you feel good knowing that you are simply a hole? Hell to da naw! And, that's why; we should be a little bit more selective in who we allow in us. Not everyone is worthy to enter our bodies.

Our hole should be more like our JEWELS and we really should treat ourselves just like a jewel. As for me, I'm not just a hole. I'm a gem bursting with glittering diamonds!

What are you? Are you going to be jus a hole or are you going to be a gem?

To be or Not to be

I wasn't sure about posting this topic? Why, simply because I couldn't get my thoughts focused to write about the topic and keep it simple.

I was talking with a male friend of mine who wanted to share a few things with me and get some womenly advice. We were discussing STD's. He stated that ONE of his women gave him a STD. Remind you, he said ONE of his gave him. wtf

He stated that he was able to pin down the last 4 women he screwed within the last 2 weeks. Yea, wtf! Anyway, I listened to him and he was convinced that since he told these 4 women that, if they were going to sleep around with other guys beside him; for them to make sure they use condoms. He stated he told all 4 of these women, of which, 2 of them confessed they were with another guy. Again, wtf.

Now, listen to his plea. Because he states, within the past 2 weeks he screwed 4 different women and never used a condom on any of them. Yep, wtf. He blamed them and said if they were sleeping with other guys they should have used some type of protection and that they were "whores". Now, I'm mad and I'm saying "what the fuck"! I let him speak and get this shit off his chest and afterwards, well, lets just say this:

You might think you are "cool" or you are some "KING" by getting laid whenever and with whomever you choose, but remember one thing: there are consequences. Just because you told these women not to sleep around or to use protection, doesn't take you off the hook of responsiblity. Who are you? Are you some KING or GOD of SEX? You are more at fault then these 4 women and actually, I hold you accountable because one: Why are you sleeping with 4 women? and two, Why are you trying to control these 4 women's lives by telling them what they should or should not do? If you must have multiple sex partners then use rules my brotha, use rules:

Rule #1: Never fuck a guy or gal without using a condom. Unless you are in a relationship with this person and you know they are not cheating and messing around. Thats RULE #1. If you guy/gal has multiple sexual partners and you are okay with it then simply follow the rules.

Rule #2: Take some responsibility for yourself. For a guy, keep your condoms on hand, like they say: Never leave home without them! For the gal: keep stash of condoms on hand for the "Mr. Right Now and Just in Case". There is nothing wrong with a woman having her own condoms. Damn, this is the 21st Century and STD's is nothing compared to HIV/Aids.

I just wanted to share this post. I honestly had a blest insightful conversation with him and I'm sure he did as well. All is fair in "real-talk" and keeping it real. My friend gave some insightful tips on men/women and sex and look for More to follow.

bBless and bSafe!

love ya