Diva's Weekly Principle:

"Attitude is Everything". ~2011 Diva Principle

Sunday, November 29, 2009

All I want 4 Christmas is...


An Open letter:

Dear Mr. Fly Guy,

You know how you almost swept me off my feet? Over the past few months, you've been taking me out on a few dates. And to that note, you been a real fly ass gentleman.

Yep, for me, I finally got nerve up to begin dating. You been after me for a long time and I told you back then that I had a dude and was quite content.

Mr. Fly guy, It's been years since I even had a date and I really did forget how speical I really was and how much fun dating could be. Damn, I let soo much time pass me by.

And, let me whispher this in your ear, so far, its been a real challenge dating and finding a honest guy! Dont get me wrong, I've been having and enjoying it all but I knew you were too damn good to be true! YOU LIED TO ME and you didn't have to because you should have allowed me to make my mind up whether I wanted to continue or stop. Instead, you acted just like the typical male lying cheating whore!

I have always been a woman who dated one guy at a time and, you helped me understand
that dating and f@@king are two different things. You see, Stella always thought, if you slept with the guy; then you are dating and in a relationship with the guy. You helped me see, that's not always true.

So, I'm leaning back and just looking over what dating means to me. And as I prepare myself for 2010; I want to be one step ahead of the game. For me, dating means enjoying someones company enough that I am ready to begin seeing that person exclusive. It means developing a relationship while spending quality time with him, hanging out with his friends, being around his family. It's learning his ways and adjusting so that we both can agree to disagree. For me, it means being there for him, listening, supporting, encourageing, stroking and helping him and by all means exploring his and mine sexual pleasures that takes our relationship to a HEALTHY growing level.

Dating is a REAL challenge but so far i'm having fun, even though, I've had the worse luck with men wanting to fxxk me, cheat on me, dump me, date me and still say I wanna see you even though I have another woman. WTF. I don't deserve second. Some women like it. I'm not one.

I feel I'm a good woman, I'm honest, trustworthy, compassionate, intelligent, professional, gentle, sexy and good in bed plus I can maintain my own. So, shouldn't I have a man that is down for me?

I know some women are happy getting any attention. Some women would rather have any attention because they don't get any from any where else. If that makes sense.

My question is, What is it about me that keeps attracting UNAVAILABLE lying cheating ass men? Do I have: hey, f@@k me - lie & Cheat on me written over my forehead? I just don't get it any more with men. I think they are the whores. So what should I do? Do I just give up and throw in the towel on men or keep dating with options until Mr. Fly Guy comes?

Defintely, I think Imma wash my face of the ink stamp! lol

There are some DECENT AVAILABLE FLYS GUYS out there, right? Right?

For me, All I want this Christmas, Is a fly guy under my tree. One who is down just for me. Is that asking for too much?